In Turkey, arrested the alleged murderer of the pilot of su-24

A citizen of Turkey, ├želik Alparslan, which in Russia is considered the killer of one of the pilots of the downed Turkish air force su-24 bomber and who took responsibility for his death in a conversation with journalists detained in Turkey. It is reported DHA.

Operation on detention of Celik and another 13 people were held in the restaurant of Izmir. Do detainees seized a Kalashnikov, two rifles, a pistol and a large number of cartridges.

According to the Turkish Dogan Agency referenced by TASS, these men recently returned from Syria, where he fought on the side of the Islamists. The police warned that they came to the restaurant.

What he shot from the ground catapult pilot of the Russian su-24, the ├želik said in an interview with Hurriyet, which was published in late December last year. He explained that the Russian bomber for five minutes before the attack, the Turkish air force conducted air bombardment of the positions of “his brothers” of the Syrian Turkmens.

Immediately after the recognition of Celik of the MFA of Russia demanded from the Turkish authorities to find him and prosecute, but the Turkish side is the requirement of Moscow has left without the answer.

At the end of January saw the Celik in Istanbul, at the funeral associated with nationalists Ibrahim koutchouk, who was killed in the bombing of the village of Syrian Turkmen in Syria.