ISIL has claimed responsibility for the explosion in Dagestan

Grouping “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) claimed responsibility for the attacks on the eve of the explosion near the police post in the Dagestani village of Sirtech, according to monitoring group SITE Intelligence Group with reference to close to the rebels Internet portal.

The explosion, which occurred the day before at a checkpoint near the police post in the village of Sirtech in Tabasaran district of Dagestan, one policeman was killed, another was wounded. TASS referring to the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs reported that the police tried to stop the car, but the driver didn’t obey to requirements of police officers, drove a little farther, and the car exploded.

The Agency with reference to the source also reported that the security forces are trying to establish the make of the car that is hard to do, since the “the explosion was so powerful that the car was torn apart”. It is also impossible to determine “how much it was people.”

Earlier on Monday, in the suburbs of the capital of Dagestan near Makhachkala airport, was blown up a convoy of two vehicles of the interior Ministry. As a result, one law enforcement officer was killed and two others were injured. Wednesday responsibility for the blast next to a convoy also took on ISIS.

In the Kremlin to comment on the erosion of the cars did not. “I, unfortunately, do not have any information on this. It is rather a question of our law enforcement agencies”, — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

On the night of 31 March it became known that employees of special services have detained a suspect in the attack on the convoy. The detainee was part of the so-called South of the gang, reported TASS.