Media reported about the move Rogozin after article about apartment for 500 million rubles.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was forced to move to rented accommodation after the publication of Transparency International was published the address of his apartment. It is reported by RNS with reference to one of the friends of Deputy Prime Minister.

According to the source, Rogozin had to move into rented accommodation for security reasons. “Deputy Prime protected person. And to ensure his safety in this apartment now is very difficult. It was therefore decided to relocate the family to a more peaceful place that is easier to protect”, — the interlocutor told.

Last week the Russian branch of the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International has reported that it has found an apartment worth 500 million rubles, which, according to NGOs, may belong to Rogozin.

The apartment with an area of 346 square meters, which is located on Starovolynskaya the street. The cost of the property exceeds half a billion rubles, according to Transparency, which is ten times the income of the family of Vice-Premier in four years.

A source in the apparatus Rogozin, commenting on the publication of Transparency information has not confirmed that Rogozin live at the specified in the published materials of the organization address. The source also refused to disclose where he lives, Deputy Prime Minister, citing “security reasons”.

Rogozin himself in response to the publication of Transparency wrote in his Twitter that while working in the government no apartments not bought. He also said that pays close attention to filling out their tax returns.