Moscow considered the findings of the victims in Syria speculation “human rights Geopark”

The Russian defense Ministry commented on the report of researchers Airwars Monitoring Group (the Monitoring group of air wars, AMG), which calculated that during the first three months of operations HQs in Syria could have been killed at least a thousand civilians.

“The sudden appearance in public of another “group of analysts” with regular accusations of the actions of the Russian HQs in Syria leads to sad thoughts about the intellectual barrenness of our starchy friends in special services of Albion”, — said the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov.

In his opinion, “the basis for “analysis” these pseudo-experts of the Russian HQs in Syria were the conjectures of the British “human rights Geopark”. The representative of the Ministry of defense noted that “it is enough to look at the composition of the “analysts” AMG again to discover among them popular recently category of experts under the title of “international journalist”.

Konashenkov added that in this situation we are talking about the emergence of “new signs of the same British “the whistleblowers” from Armatrading already the offices of the “Syrian Observatory of human rights” and the like”. “And the “range” British “analysts” something on the level of the students the first year, mastering the marketing basics in a provincial College”, — added official representative of the Russian defense Ministry.

He also wondered: “Why are all these anti-Russian “experts”, “analysts”, “activists”, “human rights” and just haters of Russia as poisonous mushrooms, grow well and reproduce on land of the United Kingdom?” “What we had there for centuries to irrigate the soil to remove these poisonous crops?” — said Konashenkov.

“But no less amazing, and an absolute credulity and the uncritical willingness of some Russian media from the sphere of business and Economics, to take seriously the writings of these “British scientists”. And then shout about them as “sensation” in Russia. After all of this to take seriously and trust their analytical materials in Economics or Finance?” — concluded the official representative of the Russian defense Ministry.

The AMG report “Thoughtless disregard for the lives of civilians”, which wrote on the eve of, for the period from September 30 (the date of the official beginning of the Russian operation in Syria) to December 31, 2015. the report says by the end of 2015 as a result of actions of the Russian aviation died from 1098 to 1450 civilians, more than 1,700 people were injured.

Explains how AMG claims were based on data from a number of monitoring and Syrian human rights organizations including Syrian network for human rights (Syrian Network for Human Rights, SNHR), a Syrian monitoring centre for human rights (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR) and the Center for documentation of violence (Violations Documentations Center, VDC) and other. Verification of obtained data was conducted using the official data of the Ministry of defense of Russia, reports from the press and social networks.

According to information on the AMG website, one of the sponsors of the organization is founded by the George Soros Foundation “open society”. The group is headed by British investigative journalist Chris woods, in the AMG lineup includes eight people — journalists and analysts that are including in great Britain, France, Iraq and Lebanon.

The accusations that the victims of the Russian strikes in Syria are civilians doing since the beginning of the military operation. Russia these data are always denied, and stressed that the air strikes are put exclusively on objects and the militants of the terrorist organizations.