Partner Rotenberg: as earns and owns what Gregory Bayes

On Thursday, the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime REPORTING, and Reuters published an investigation that “the little-known Russian businessman” from St. Petersburg, 47-year-old Gregory Bayes, who was a partner of Arkady Rotenberg transferred his property to women, including Katerina Tikhonova (her Agency was previously named the youngest daughter of the Russian President), two relatives of former state Duma Deputy Alina Kabaeva (sister and grandmother) and a student of Alisa Kharcheva, who posed for the calendar to the birthday of Putin. According to the Agency, these properties are in an elite complexes in Moscow and the Moscow region.

These publications the Kremlin called information spreading, Dmitry Peskov confirmed. “We know nothing about who this person [Bayes]. The President also not familiar with him,” said the press Secretary of the head of state the authors of the Reuters investigation.

gathered facts about Bayes of these publications, as well as information about the businessman from open sources.

Where and by whom I worked]?

Than Gregory Bayes was doing before 2003 is unknown. Data from the register indicate that in 2003, 35-year-old Baevsky became the General Director of FGUP “Directorate for investment activity”. This organization is located in St. Petersburg, subordinated to the government and manages the Federal property, especially real estate, said on the Agency’s website. In the task list — effective management assigned to the company by Federal property, inspections by appropriate use of property, sale and renting. Judging by the portal of public procurement, the enterprise makes orders for the repair and maintenance of facilities in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and Kaliningrad.

Baevsky this post he held until 2009 where he went and whom he worked until 2011, could not figure out. In 2011, Baevsky was headed by a Russian holding company, whose beneficiary is Arkady Rotenberg, and held that position until 2014.

As Baevsky is associated with Rotenberg?

There are other indications of the cooperation of Gregory Bayes with by the Rotenberg brothers. For example, on 2 December 2011 Baevsky entered the list of affiliated persons belonging to the billionaires SMP Bank (Rotenberg control directly and via “stroygazmontazh” 88.3% of the Bank), the information on the website of the Bank. He had no Bank shares, he did not participate in the share capital. Baevsky “belongs to the same group of persons to which belongs to JSC “SMP Bank”, was stated in the disclosure. In the second quarter of 2014 Baevsky left the list of affiliates. the Representative of SMP Bank declined to comment.

In addition, Bayes participated in numerous real estate transactions, or otherwise associated with Rotenberg. In particular, in 2004 he gave the daughter of Arkady Rotenberg, Lilies, apartment on Bolshaya Ordynka, according to the material Center for the study of corruption. And in 2006, according to the register, Baevsky together with Arkady and Boris Rotenberg established the dacha cooperative “Fatherland” in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region, in the village of Yucca. List of owners since then has not changed.

Vsevolozhsky district is a popular place among the Russian elite. The area has many closed areas, where high-ranking officials and businessmen, the lawyer told the International bar Association (St. Petersburg) Evgeny Baclagon, which dealt with urban issues in the Vsevolozhsk district. Located 20 km from the “Fatherland” of the village of Toksovo is called “St. Petersburg Switzerland”, according to the official website of the Foundation “Toksovo the term” engaged in the development of the village. In Toksovo, according to Baclagon, and live the Rotenberg. That in this village there is an estate Boris Rotenberg, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”. This is confirmed by information USRR.

The head of administration of Vsevolozhsk district Vladimir Drachev said he did not remember a man named Gregory Bayes and cannot provide current information about the cooperative “Fatherland” as a “cooperative housing very much.”

A representative of Rotenberg told Reuters that the businessman has no information about the real estate transactions]. The question of whether Bayes was acting on behalf of Rotenberg in their real estate transactions and were not transactions connected with friendship Rotenberg and Putin, the representative of Rotenberg told Reuters: “of Course not. Such statements are absurd”. A representative of Rotenberg added that Bayes doesn’t “live” to any company or the holding company Arkady Rotenberg. Comments from the representative of Rotenberg refused.

On what makes Bayes?

According to the publication of OCCRP, for the last two years personally Baevsky earned on government contracts of more than 6 billion rubles. the Largest of these contracts is the construction of Ring road in St. Petersburg at 2.7 billion rubles, writes the Center for the study of corruption. This contract in 2013 received the company “Green city”, one of the founders of which is Bayes. The representative of the customer, the state company “Avtodor”, the company was named the Bayes conscientious contractor. Other: in 2014, the “Green city” has been awarded a contract by the Federal road Agency for the maintenance of the Ring road around St. Petersburg cost of 1 billion rubles.

Besides this firm, Baevsky is among the founders in the top ten medium and small firms engaged in different activities. This, for example, the road construction company “Green castle” (the annual revenue of 1.5 billion rubles), the company “Saturn-Vaskelovo” and “Pluto-Vaskelovo”, which in November 2014 the structure of the Federal road Agency, “Sevzapupravtodor”, bought land in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region in the amount of 60,2 million rbl. of the Farm “Estate of Valino” where Bayes is the co-founder, since 2010, owns not less than 467 thousand square meters of farmland from the USRR. Bayes also owns the St. Petersburg company “Neotectonic”, which, as stated on its website, “mastered industrial production of nanocarbon material”, patented in Russia. The company produces buckyballs (carbon compounds, resembling the structure of a soccer ball) and offers one of the products (water-soluble fullerene with a complex formula) for 64 thousand rubles per one gram of the substance.

And since April 2012 Baevsky registered in St. Petersburg as a private entrepreneur whose main activity — buying and selling of land. He also owns 50% of the Moscow company “BT Plaza” in October 2012, purchased the building area of 1.2 thousand square meters at the address: Berezhkovskaya nab., 36, where now is located the maintenance shop. In September 2015 the Department of property of Moscow has tried in the Arbitration court of Moscow to recognize the property by the squatter, but the court sided with the “BT Plaza”. However this object is still included in the famous decree of the government of Moscow (819-PP dated 11 December 2013), which maintains a list of objects that the city authorities consider the unauthorized construction.

What kind of asset owned]?

Baevsky owns real estate across the country — from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Gelendzhik, according to the OCCRP investigation. The cost at OCCRP is estimated at millions of dollars, but exact figures in the text is not given. According to the authors of the investigation, Baevsky belong to the apartment on Prechistenka street in Moscow that cost at least 50 million and the yacht “Rachel” built at the Italian shipyard Benetti.

Pleasure yacht “Rachel” (up to 2015 is called “Natalie”) was built in Italy in 2011 by Benetti’s manufacture. According to the Russian Maritime register, the yacht belongs to Gregory Bayes, living in St. Petersburg. “Rachel” is spelled out in the Sochi port. The length of the yacht is 65 m.

In 2011 the boat won the prestigious award for best design. According to information on the site to find Yachtcharterfleet yacht interior design yacht designed for 14 guests, accommodated in seven cabins. “This yacht can cost €50-60 million,” says yacht broker Irina ilina. She claims that the richest people of Russia (Alisher Usmanov, Roman Abramovich, Alexander Mamut) buy yachts from Germany and Holland, and the Italian yacht can be attributed to the class of “simpler”.

The last movement of the yacht was a registered service tracking Marinetraffic ships in August—October 2015, when Rahil (Nataly) was from Adler to the port of Tuzla (Istanbul), where there was, at least until January 2016. Judging by the photos on Marinetraffic, since 2011 she has been not only in Sochi, but in Monaco, French and Italian ports.

According to the bailiff, a namesake of Gregory S. Baevsky (1968, Leningrad) is in arrears on utility bills in the amount of 10.4 thousand rubles, which he decided to collect the Meshchansky district court of Moscow in March 2014.

What property passed Bayes?

Bayes also owned several properties, but, according to OCCRP, they were transferred or sold to persons who, presumably, can be connected with President Vladimir Putin. According to the Center for the study of corruption, Katerina Tikhonova, which Reuters called the daughter of Putin, in 2012, indicated a one-room apartment not far from the presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo as his place of residence when you registered your Fund interdisciplinary initiatives in the Sciences and Humanities. Since 2007, the OCCRP noted that this apartment belonged to Bayes. The address where is located this apartment, in the investigation not specified for security reasons.

According to OCCRP, in 2009, Bayes gave the apartment area is 228 sq. m on the street Veresaeva in Moscow Laysan Kabaeva, the sister of the former Deputy of the state Duma Alina Kabaeva. examined data EGRP home on this street, but to find an apartment like area failed.

In the investigation also stated that in 2013, the businessman donated the land and house in the village of Uspenskoe Odintsovo district of the Moscow region 81-year-old Anna Zatsepilina, which the media called grandma Kabaeva. The cost of land in this district is more than $100 thousand for a hundred.

In 2015 the apartment from Baevsky, according to the investigation, received Alisa Kharcheva, who posed for the calendar to the birthday of Putin.

The representative led by Katerina Tikhonova company “Inpractice” in response to a request for comment was asked to make a formal request. Alisa Kharcheva not answered the call . The National media group, Chairman of the Board of Directors which is Kabaeva, stated that it would not comment on the Reuters investigation. “The activities of the holding is irrelevant,” said a company representative.

With the participation of Elena Mesinai, Timothy dziadko, Maxim tovkaylo, Anton Baeva, Tatiana aleshkino, Michael Rubin, Anastasia Napalkova, Ivan Tkachev, Vladislav Seregin, Elizabeth Surnacheva