Poroshenko said in USA new data on the losses of the army in Donbass

Speaking at the forum “Ukraine’s Struggle for freedom continues” in Washington, the President of Ukraine stated that during the conflict in the East of the country killed more than 2,700 soldiers. According to Poroshenko, Ukraine’s losses exceeded the death toll of American soldiers during the war in Afghanistan over the past 15 years, UNIAN news Agency reported.

The total number of deaths in the Donbass, according to Ukrainian President, is 10 thousand people.

“Yesterday in Transnistria and Georgia, now in Ukraine and in Syria. Whose turn is it next?” — asked the Ukrainian President, stressing that “Ukrainian patriots defend the values, which are America and Europe”.

This Poroshenko assured the audience that during the protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the authorities pursued reforms. “Someone can call the current government crisis is a challenge for us. But I think this is a chance for us to become even more stable”, — says the official Twitter of the President. “I think that very soon we will form a new government, and it will be a symbol of the growth of civil society. This is democracy,” said Poroshenko.

In January 2016 Poroshenko said that during the conflict in the Donbass killed 2269 Ukrainian servicemen. On March 28, speaking in Kramatorsk, Poroshenko said that the number of military deaths has exceeded 2,500 people.