“Rosteh” will be engaged in protection of critical facilities using drones

United instrument Corporation (MIC; included in the state Corporation “rostec”) creates a control system and perimeter security is particularly important civilian and military installations, said the official representative of “Rostec”. The system will consist of three drone helicopter type, fiber optic cable and control room with computers to process information. The development time of the system two years, samples of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) already have, he says.

The initial price set for customers will make 10 million rbl., volume of investments into the project company does not disclose, but wants to take by the year 2025 half of the Russian market of robotics for civil use — 8-10 billion rubles per year.

The module should set up a perimeter length of about 100 km. the System reads the surface vibration using fiber optic cable, allowing you to define an object which intruded into the protected space, explains the representative of the Corporation. Rostec expects demand from military bases, airports, defence companies, oil companies.

Domodedovo airport has already implemented the system of protection of its perimeter, said the representative of the company. According to him, the fence of the controlled area is connected to the integrated perimeter security “Falcon” (developer — LLC “Sigma”, the revenue for 2014 of 17.5 million rubles, according to “SPARK-Interfax”). A member of one of the oil companies says that drones are already being used to monitor the status of pipelines, but it does not have mass distribution.

The drone is harmful to production, says a source at a steel company. According to him, in 2015, one television company “ruined” their drone that flew close to the unit, resulting in a drone-fired engine. On another plant of the company even the drone could not fly up: a large amount of metal made him a failure in the navigation system, the source added.

There are analogues of the solutions, which is developing the defence industry. For example, the British company Amba Defence provides protection of objects and areas using drones not only in Britain but also in other countries. American company Optellios manufactures security systems with fiber-optic sensors, thanks to which you can also detect unauthorized access to the facility. Financial performance Amba Defence and Optellios not disclosed.

The United instrument manufacturing Corporation is 100% owned by “Rosteh”, CEO Alexander Yakunin. The company was established in 2014 on behalf of President Vladimir Putin “About creation of joint holding companies in the field of electronic industry”. MIC unites more than 60 enterprises and research organisations in the electronics industry. The task of the MIC is a translation of the Russian Armed forces to digital communications systems, automated control systems, etc. the company’s Revenue in 2014 amounted to 154.5 million rubles, and in 2015 — about 763 million rubles, according to base “SPARK-Interfax”.

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