The FSB announced the arrest of CIA-trained Ukrainian spy

The FSB said the exposure of the employee of the Ukrainian counterintelligence, which, according to the Agency, tried to use the SBU and the CIA. to arrange the bases for recruitment by the Russian special services. This is stated in the message of the Center of public relations (TSOs) FSB received .

As the message, the Lieutenant-Colonel of the SBU Yuriy Ivanchenko was detained March 26. According to intelligence agencies, kontrrazvedchik arrived to Russia under the pretext of visiting relatives, despite the fact that leaving to Russia its employees of Ukrainian special services are prohibited, said the FSB.

“Even before the arrival in Russia of FSB has received advance information that the SBU and the CIA prepared Ivanchenko to participate in the operation of the bases for recruitment by the FSB initiative offers them their services,” — said the FSB.

Ivanchenko, according to the secret service, “was to interest the FSB with its capabilities is to get secret information and to convince the FSB of the need to communicate with him in Kiev through caches”.

While the FSB stated that since the acts of a foreigner will not cause damage to Russia’s security, he will be deported to Ukraine and enter the Russian Federation it is forbidden.

In October 2015 the Moscow city court has pronounced a sentence to the former Director of the Ukrainian defense plant “Banner” — 73-year-old Yuri Soloshenko. The man was found guilty of espionage in favor of Ukraine. As noted by his lawyer, Soloshenko acknowledged guilt. He was sentenced to six years in prison of strict regime and the prosecution asked for Soloshenko 10 years of imprisonment.

According to TSOs FSB, Soloshenko tried to buy in Russia the secret components for antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-300. He was detained in August 2014 in Moscow. In an interview with Interfax son Soloshenko noted that the father “set up a friend with whom he collaborated and whom he trusted”.

In March 2015 it became known that in Yekaterinburg, the FSB officers detained a citizen of Ukraine on a case of industrial espionage. According to intelligence agencies, Ukrainian — employee Poltava Turbomechanical plant collected scientific and technical information on the activities of Ural turbine plant. He was detained in February 2015. Miuchia became involved in the case under article 183 of the criminal code (illegal receipt and disclosure of information constituting commercial, tax or banking secret). The FSB pointed out that the man has given grateful evidences