The Kremlin has responded to an article on Reuters “associated” with the name of Putin deals

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the publication by Reuters that “a little-known Russian businessman” from St. Petersburg 47-year-old Gregory Bayes, who was a partner of Arkady Rotenberg transferred his property to women, including Katerina Tikhonova (her Agency was previously named the youngest daughter of the Russian President), two relatives of the Deputy of the state Duma Alina Kabaeva (sister and grandmother) and a student of Alisa Kharcheva, who posed for the calendar to the birthday of Putin. According to the Agency, these properties are in an elite complexes in Moscow and the Moscow region.

It is “one of” items of information, which the Kremlin reported earlier, said Dmitry Peskov. When asked whether the presidential administration to investigate the facts of the transfer of property, Peskov replied in the negative.

In the material Reuters also has the comment of the representative of the Russian President. “We know nothing about who this person [Bayes]. The President also not familiar with him,” said the press Secretary of the head of state.

This week, Peskov told that against Putin is preparing to “information stuffing”, seeking sensationalism. He noted that about upcoming publications became well known because of the requests that the Kremlin has sent members of the media. According to him, one such request came from the International consortium of journalistic investigations (ICIJ). Peskov said that journalists from ICIJ interested in information about the President personally, his “family, childhood friends, business (Kovalchuk, Rotenberg), about offshore companies, business with Putin, and in eyes did not see”. The second request, as he told Sands that came from a “very well known international news Agency”, the name which the President’s press Secretary didn’t call.

Thursday, March 31, Sands returned to the theme of “information stuffing”. Answering the journalists ‘ question about whether it was possible to prevent it, Peskov said that the Kremlin “very closely” monitor the “information situation”. “We are confident that similar exercises will be continued, — said Sands. — We’re talking about campaign-related attempts to destabilize the situation in the country, to discredit the country’s leadership, primarily President. And thus have an impact on the situation in the country, and the election processes.”

A source close to the Kremlin said that the presidential administration does not plan to take any action following the article. Nothing new in it does not say, says the source .

Not interested in the publication and in Parliament. The Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Ernest Valeev said that the Duma and the Committee, the Committee will examine are set out in article of the facts, because “it’s speculation”.

The representative of the company led by Katerina Tikhonova company “Inpractice” in response to a request for comment was asked to make a formal request.

The National media group, Chairman of the Board of Directors is Alina Kabaeva, said that will not comment on the Reuters investigation. “The activities of the holding is irrelevant,” said a company representative.

The General Director of the Russian branch of Transparency International Anton Pominov in conversation with noted that while early to speak about proven cases of corruption. Such a conclusion can be made only if it appears that the President or his subordinates have taken certain decisions in the interests Baevsky, Pominov said. Also need to prove a connection with fishing Katerina Tikhonova and other persons involved in the investigation, who received the estate from Bayes. In this case we can talk about conflict of interest, Pominov stressed.