The MiG Corporation will cut staff for the second time this year

New reduction

Russian aircraft Corporation MiG (part of United aircraft Corporation) plans the second since the end of last year, the reduction of production staff. Until July 1, 2016 “MiG” plans to increase the number of managers, professionals, civil servants and auxiliary workers to 4.9 thousand people. This is stated in the new staffing Corporation, developed by order of the General Director of “MiG” Sergey Korotkov, dated February 29, 2016 (both documents are in order).

According to the representative of “MiG” Anastasia Kravchenko, will be reduced at least 10% of administrative staff and auxiliary workers. She clarified that the reduction will not affect workers on the main production. It turns out that “MiG” plans to lay off at least 500 managers and support workers.

Given the production staff, according to Kravchenko, in “MiG” has about 10 thousand people. Last year the Corporation has already cut about 1 thousand managers, taking on the work of about 500 employees of industrial specialties.

Part of released employees will be transferred to outsourcing, says Kravchenko. “This year, “MiG” is moving to a new industrial model, in which reports on the outsourcing of auxiliary functions such as, for example, repair service and IT. The staff of these services will cease to be enrolled in state enterprises, but will continue to perform the work at the enterprises”, — she explained. Thus, according to her, in 2016, the Corporation intends to hire more than 500 employees manufacturing professions, workers and engineers.

Old contracts

In August last year, Korotkov claimed that the “MiG” a stable financial position. The order portfolio of the Corporation in the area of military-technical cooperation with foreign countries and the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation amounted to about $4 billion “of Existing orders, according to my calculations, enough to 2023”, — Korotkov said the Agency TASS.

Last year the company signed a contract for delivery of 16 fighters MiG-29SMT Russian air force in 2015-2016. Also MiG has performed the contract with Russian Navy for the delivery of 24 deck-based fighters MiG-29K/KUB, 45 such aircraft, the Corporation will deliver to the Indian air force. Another 12 fighters MiG-29M/M2, the Corporation will put Syria in 2016-2017 year, wrote Kommersant. Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov also said that the Russian air force under the state program of armaments to 2020 is planned to buy 30 MiG-35 generation “4++”.

The Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov, in contrast, believes the future of “MiG” “to put it mildly, not good”. “There is a small percentage of the ship’s MiG-29, but this contract is made as nearly completed and the contract with India. The tender for the creation of a large drone company lost money on the production of light aircraft of the fifth generation had not been allocated”, — said Pukhov. The purchase of MiG-35 in the state program of armaments, it is not yet enabled, specifies the expert.

The reduction in the defence industry

Minus two thousand

In the middle of December 2015, the newspaper “Izvestia” wrote about the large-scale staff reductions at space Rocket plant (RHC) in Fili. The company is the State space scientific production center Khrunichev, collect the rocket “proton” and “Angara”. The RHC leadership offered to employees before the end of 2015 to resign, receiving a salary of three. The exact scale of the cuts is unknown. The publication reported that RHC was planning to leave with 2 thousand employees in the design office “salute” (also included in the Center Khrunichev) — with 20-25% of the staff.

Less deputies

In the Centre of exploitation of ground space infrastructure (TsENKI) in 2015 have begun to reduce administrative staff. How to write “Vedomosti”, in connection with the optimization of the number of the parent organization was reduced from 1450 to 1250 people, and the number of managerial levels decreased to six. Previously, the management structure consisted of 13 levels, the number of units per head was less than two specialists. The number of deputies, who are directly subordinated to Director General had decreased from 28 to 14 people.

The reduction or optimization

In February 2016 about 70 workers staged a rally, protesting against the cuts at the Corporation, wrote “Rosbalt”. According to the newspaper, the company released the order on reduction of 2.5 thousand people. However, the company was informed that these were not cuts, but planned optimization through eliminating vacant positions, write “RIA Novosti”. “Uralvagonzavod had no cuts in 2015, and in 2016”, — said representatives of the company.