The TFR estimated the damage from the actions of the detained businessman Mikhalchenko

The consequence has estimated the damage from the actions of the head of holding “the Forum” Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who is accused of smuggling of premium alcohol, 2 million rubles, the correspondent of the Basmanny court, where the issue of a measure of restraint.

According to a source in the Investigative Committee (IC), from 50 pages of the 43 page indictment is a listing of brands of elite alcohol illegally, according to the investigation, imported in Russia. According to Mikhalchenko, he has imported into the country of alcohol on €600 thousand, his lawyer told that the businessman would impute the damage size of 1 million 700 thousand rubles.

As told a source in the UK, the investigation into the smuggling began before the investigation of plunders in the Ministry of culture. In the case of the Ministry of culture appears Mikhalchenko owned by the company Baltstroy, whose Director was arrested March 16, a court in Moscow on the case of plunders in the restoration of Novodevichy convent. The source also said that during a search of the holding company “Forum”, headed by Mikhalchenko, in the case of the Ministry of culture were discovered additional documents relating to the smuggling of alcohol.

Mikhalchenko was accused of smuggling alcohol in 2015, the creation of an organized criminal group that smuggled alcohol from the port of Hamburg under the guise of a construction sealant, the investigator stated in court. Alcohol, he said, were smuggled through South-Eastern transport company. Police found two containers of illegal alcohol, the cost of one bottle which reached 50 thousand rubles, and the cost of two containers is estimated to be worth up to 2 million rubles.

The Prosecutor supported the petition of the investigation on the conclusion Mikhalchenko into custody. The businessman said that he had not established criminal groups. Mikhalchenko also said in court that his arrest will prevent the construction of the Bronka port, which is “an important national project.”

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The businessman also assured that is not going to hide from the investigation and proposed bail of 50 million rubles.

The lawyer of the businessman asked the court to extend by 72 hours the period of detention, to bring from St. Petersburg required documents and the certificate about state of health Mikhalchenko. The lawyer also said that Mikhalchenko detained at the direction of “people first” as the name of the businessman is mentioned in connection with the case of the Ministry of culture. He also requested to release the detainee on bail of 50 million rubles.

The investigation has opposed this proposal. Thus the investigator referred to the evaluation of the media, according to which his fortune is 18 billion rubles.

Earlier Dmitry Mikhalchenko was taken to the Basmanny court of Moscow to solve the issue of suppression, the case is examined by Federal judge Arthur Karpov. The lawyer Mikhalchenko Alexey Egorov asked to defer consideration of the request of the investigation about the detention because he had not had the opportunity to read the case. Egorov explained that Mikhalchenko was detained on Sunday, 29 March at 15:30 GMT and he didn’t have time to review the case.

The consequence of suggested to do a break for 30 minutes, the judge agreed with this proposal and announced a break.

As already mentioned , the case Mikhalchenko is a senior investigator of GSU SK of the Russian Federation Sergey Novikov. About the detention of businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko in Moscow it became known on the morning of 30 March, he was accused of involvement in the smuggling of alcohol. According to the press Secretary of the Basmanny court of Juno Tsareva, Mikhalchenko charged under the article “Smuggling of alcoholic beverages, committed by an organized group of persons” (part 3, article 200.2 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE).