Brother Mikhail Zurabov was a co-owner of insurance group MAX

Former President of “Aeroflot” and the shareholder of Vneshprombank Alexander Zurabov, who is the brother of former health Minister Mikhail Zurabov, said that he is co-owner of insurance group MAX. He said this in an interview with health magazine Vademecum.

Mikhail Zurabov was founded and for several years led a group of MAX. From the project he, according to his brother, was released in late 1990-ies and gave him his share. The exact amount Alexander Zurabov said. “I will say this: [shares] quite high,” he said.

Now MAX wants to create regional “new medical centers, both traditional and with a new approach in the field of regenerative medicine.” “It’s just not a very favorable situation from the point of view of investment, therefore we are only speculating about the future strategy,” said Zurabov.

As noted by “Vedomosti”, among the shareholders listed MAX its permanent CEO Nadezhda Martyanova, as well as four LLC: “Kronner” (20,71%), “K” (19,97%), “polimet” (of 21.15%) and “Tegatana” (and 10.71%). In “Kroner” and “Antek” Alexander Zurabov acts as the final beneficiary, and in the “Tehatamani” he owns 50% of shares (another 50% on Martjanovii). “Polimet” belongs to the sons of the CEO, only the family of Martjanovii owns 26.4% of MAX.

To comment on the statement Zurabov, the package size and the composition of the shareholders of the insurance company Martyanov refused, saying only that he “was not involved in the operational management of the company”.

Zurabov himself told Vedomosti that he is “just portfolio investment”, and confirmed that owns about half the group. “There are a large number of businesses where I personally involved, but in MAX competent managers, for example Nadezhda Martyanova, and there is interference in the business of the company is not required”, — said the businessman. “He is not interested, his task is to receive dividends, and who the final recipient is known only to him or his brother,” — said the publication of one of the managers close to MAX.

Insurance group MAX was established in 1992. It “carries out activity in all major types of voluntary and compulsory insurance,” reads the company’s website.

Mikhail Zurabov was appointed as head of the Ministry of health in 2004. As recalled in the interview with “Vedomosti”, the shareholder of one of the largest insurers., for mid 2000-ies fell, and the growth of the medical business MAX, which coincided with active access to the regions. From the post of Minister Zurabov left in 2007. In 2010 he was appointed Ambassador of Russia in Ukraine.