European University will strive to return accreditation

A month to fix it

In the order of the Federal service in the sphere of education and science (Rosobrnadzor) on temporary suspension of accreditation of the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) it is said that it can be restored, if it will eliminate all the violations within one month. This was stated by the Vice-rector for educational work European University Galina Lisitsyna.

“The suspension of accreditation means that for the period for which the accreditation is suspended, the institution must correct the violation and to inform the Rosobrnadzor. After that, the office staff analyze whether their instruction, and decide to return the accreditation or not”, — explained the press-Secretary of Department Irina Goryunova.

Almost all the violations can be corrected within two to three weeks, assured the Vice-rector for relations with state bodies and public organizations Nikita Lomagin. Then all necessary papers will be forwarded to Rosobrnadzor.

Upon suspension of a license, the University may continue to conduct educational activities and to issue documents to its own sample, is explained on the Agency’s website. The University cannot issue diplomas of the established sample of the Ministry of education and to ensure students are deferred from service in the Armed forces.

Not the experience

On the morning of 1 April, the Rosobrnadzor reported that the state accreditation EY was completely stopped. The reasons for the suspension of accreditation of the representative office are not reported.

The order was sent to the University after an unscheduled inspection of Rosobrnadzor, which was held in mid-March. All identified violations were of a formal character, Lisitsyna says.

According to Lomagin, one of the violations is a Professor with a degree from the University of Oxford directs the master program, although, as was found Rosobrnadzor, it does not have the necessary experience of pedagogical work. Now a teacher will be replaced by his colleague, the rector promises,

Part of the offense is related to the fact that the University has not had time to adjust to new educational standards, which came into force at the beginning of this year, said Lisitsyna.

Another claim of Rosobrnadzor, according to Lisitsyna, related to the content of the website of the University: not all requirements have been met.

Without policy

The claims of Rosobrnadzor no explicit political connotations and anything that can be interpreted in this spirit, says the University Professor Grigory Voters, who have studied the instructions of the officials. Suspension of accreditation is normal practice for universities, and no politics in this, Lisitsyn confirms.

European University was founded in 1994 with the support of the first mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. There are currently five faculties of the University enrolled about 250 people.

The first years of its existence the University has actually existed on the grants of the MacArthur, Ford and Soros (in 2015, these organizations were recognized unwanted in Russia), was later created an endowment Fund, donors of which were of Russian and Western funds, as well as large companies. According to the MacArthur Foundation from 2002 to 2015 the funding for EUSP is $5.05 million With the financing of the claim of Rosobrnadzor related, Lisitsyna said.

The Board of Trustees of the University former Vice-Premier, head of the Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin.