Forbes explained the unknown trades of Alex Hawtin in the oil market

The owner of Four Seasons, a businessman of Belarusian origin Alexei Khotin is a party of at least five previously unknown transactions in the oil market, found Forbes. Thus over the last five years the owner bought at least ten oil companies, says the magazine.

According to Forbes, the largest of Hominim purchased assets are “Development of St. Petersburg” and “Khortytsya”. They hold licenses for Mutnovskoe Deposit with reserves of about 45 million tonnes.

As told to an unnamed magazine the banker, of deposits were purchased Hominem for $200 million structure “Renord invest”, which is considered close to Bank “St.-Petersburg”. Representatives of credit institutions declined to comment on Forbes information on transactions of Khotyn.

A source close to the entrepreneur, told Forbes that Hawtin has also bought assets left Russia in late 2014 Kuwait Energy. Company controlled deposits Luga and Cicchini. According to the magazine, a fact indirectly, such transaction is confirmed by the fact that the Director is VIC and “Pechora energy company”, for which were furnished field, prior to this he was associated with Hominim structures (“Equipment and machines”, “Second estate”). The interlocutor of the journal indicates that the field could cost the businessman about $10 million In Kuwait Energy to comment on these data.

Forbes writes about deals with several medium-sized assets. Thus, according to the information, Khotyn became the owner Krivolutskaja license area with oil reserves of 37.4 million tonnes of oil. Previously the mine was owned by “Tehenergo”. According to the estimates of the source magazine who is familiar with the terms of the transaction, its cost is about $30 million.

For the same amount Hawtin bought the assets of Matra Petroleum, which co-owner was a former top Manager of TNK-BP, Maxim Barsky, found Forbes. We are talking about “Arkhangelovskoe”. Barsky himself declined to comment.

In addition, familiar with the entrepreneur, the businessman claims that in 2011 Hawtin has acquired Major field. Estimated friend of a businessman, this asset Hawtin paid about $10-15 million.

Alexei and Yuri Hominy are the owners of the company “Dulisma”, which in 2012 was bought from Sberbank for RUB 3.6 billion Alexei Khotin and controls a 29.9% stake in Exillon Energy, which cost him $300 million In 2014, $30 million businessman bought from ALROSA “ireljahneft”. A year later, the Senator Leonid Lebedev has sold Khotin “Negusneft” for approximately $200 million Later, the company closed the transaction to purchase the “Polar lights” ConocoPhillips and Rosneft, a source which Forbes estimated at $150 million.

The magazine concluded that over the past five years Khotin bought at least ten oil companies. According to the newspaper, he spent transactions of at least $950 million for Its investments in oil assets exceeded $1 billion, says Fobres.

Production companies, the beneficiary of which is, according to the publication, is Hawtin, can be estimated at 2.5 million tons per year. Their reserves exceed more than 650 million tons. The businessman himself declined to comment on Forbes obtained information.

The media called Yuri and Alexei Hotiny one of the contenders for the purchase of shares of “Bashneft”. Then Forbes estimated the value of oil assets of the father and the son in at $450-550 million to participate in privatization of the company also claims LUKOIL.