In Turkey, the alleged murderer of the pilot of su-24 in accused of fraud

According to the newspaper Hurriyet with reference to sources in the Turkish police, Alparslan çelik, who claimed responsibility for the killing in Syria catapult pilot su-24, is suspected of fulfilment of crimes under several articles of the criminal code, including fraud and counterfeiting. The sources of the Agency are being referenced by Reuters, indicate that the death of the Russian pilot was not the reason for the detention. According to them, the question on this subject Celik asked during the interrogation, however, the lawyer of the gunman indicated that this topic had no relation to the case, which involves his client.

Çelik suspected of Commission of roguish actions in Ankara, when he collected money for the support of the Turkomans who fought against the army of Bashar al-Assad in Northern Syria, as well as of involvement in counterfeiting in the province of Mugla. .

In addition, the arrest warrant was related to the fact that çelik in 2014 escaped from prison, where he was to spend 2.5 years for a range of offences.

The reason for a police RAID in Izmir, where çelik was detained together with a group of companions, was an anonymous call which said that some people sitting in the restaurant with guns. During the arrest of a group of Celik were confiscated automatic, rifle, six pistols and 150 rounds of ammunition.

What he shot from the ground catapult pilot of the Russian su-24, the çelik said in an interview with Hurriyet, which was published in late December last year. He explained that the Russian bomber for five minutes before the attack, the Turkish air force conducted air bombardment of the positions of “his brothers” — the Syrian Turkmen.

Immediately after the recognition of Celik of the MFA of Russia demanded from the Turkish authorities to find him and prosecute, but the Turkish side is the requirement of Moscow has left without the answer.

Commenting on the detention of Celik, a spokesman for the Russian President Dmitry Peskov assured that the perpetrators of the death of Peshkov will certainly be punished, but said that he did not know that became the reason of detention action.