Kadyrov announced the elimination of the majority fought in the ranks of ISIS Chechens

Most of the fighting in Syria are natives of Chechnya, who fought on the side of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” killed about 200 people, said in an interview to “RIA Novosti” Ramzan Kadyrov, who on March 25 was appointed acting head of the Republic.

“Right now we have information that the majority of Chechens died there. Because the Arabs who are fighting there, and others put forward the meat of the Chechens: you practice, you experience on, the Chechen war, — said Kadyrov. About 200 of our fellow Chechens remained in Syria. They came from Europe. There is a bandit group of 20 people, 30 people”.

According to Kadyrov, Western intelligence agencies use in Europe, immigrants from Chechnya. “They specially keep them. They are tied with the intelligence service. They allow all: give weapons, prepping them for something. We have tens and even hundreds of thousands of people living in Europe, in Turkey, in Ukraine, everywhere,” he said.

From Chechnya, says Kadyrov, to fight, go abroad seldom. “We control all. It is not often that go to war,” Kadyrov said. In this case, he noted, after the start of Russian military operations in Syria the number trying to leave this country to war has decreased — not only from the Chechen Republic, but also in the whole of Russia.

Kadyrov has repeatedly stated that in Syria are the Chechens who are fighting on the side of ISIS, but also against the Islamists. At the end of October 2015 Kadyrov said about fighting in Syria four thousand immigrants from the Soviet Union. 4 December 2015, he spoke about operating in Syria the group to neutralize the militants.

On 7 February, the TV channel “Russia 1” showed a story with the participation of the head of Chechnya, from which it followed that in Chechnya, under the village Tsentaroi allegedly preparing special forces soldiers to participate in operation in the rear of the ISIS. Later, his press Secretary Alvi Karimov disavowed the statement Kadyrov.

Last year, on 2 October, Kadyrov was informed about the detention of the recruiters of Islamic state in Chechnya. Later on Chechen television showed stories about how the President meets with relatives of young people who could join ISIS. Earlier Kadyrov has expressed for a ground operation in Syria with the participation of the Russian military to prevent terrorist threats.

March 15, CNN sources in the presidential administration of the USA reported the death of one of the leaders of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state Abu Umar al-Shishani, known as Umar the Chechen. According to them, he died by the airstrike of the U.S. air force.

Abu Umar al-Shishani was an ethnic Chechen, whose real name is Tarkhan Batirashvili (“al-Shishani” means “Chechen”). According to the American Brookings Institution, Shishani charge of military operations in Syria, where he arrived in 2013.