Markin made the exchange of Nadiya Savchenko

On the website of the newspaper “Evening Chelyabinsk” published a column by Vladimir Markin, in which he finds it possible to exchange the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, who was sentenced to 22 years for the murder of journalists VGTRK in the Donbass, those “good honest people” who sit in “the Kiev dungeon.”

In his column Markin, subscribed as “your correspondent”, talks about the Russian reality and gives “the accumulated answers to questions asked and unasked”. The author of the column points out that “this is just between us, not for the capital press”. The post Markin as the official representative of the RCDS in the column and its name never registered.

“Justice requires that spent all 22 years. But if it helps to pull out of Kiev the dungeons are good and honest people, and then we can proceed. The opportunity under the law there’s only one — to transfer to serve their sentences at home,” wrote Markin.

He noted that the law “has only one opportunity to convey to [Savchenko] for serving punishment to the homeland”. “Pardon impossible without recognition of guilt and remorse, — said Markin, once again Recalling that a pardon is the prerogative of the President of Russia, and only he can make such decisions.

The link to this material TFR spokesman in his Twitter account with a note: “the Only newspaper that dared to publish”.

The representative of the press service of the TFR said that the speaker Markina — “copyrighted material”, and press service it “does” not comment. To the question whether the opinion that Savchenko can be exchanged for detainees in Ukraine Russian military, the official position of the TFR, the employee of the press service for clarification.

That General-major of justice, spokesman for the investigation Committee Vladimir Markin returned to “Evening Chelyabinsk” in the status of the reporter and will lead a column in the publication, the day before, on March 31 announced the publication of “Chelyabinsk”. It was reported that the first material will be released April 1.

Vladimir Markin is a native of Chelyabinsk, educated as a journalist, in 1985 graduated from the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University. During the year after graduation he worked as a correspondent of the newspaper “Evening Chelyabinsk”.