Poroshenko moved up two rows in the list of the richest people of Ukraine

The state of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has increased during the year by $100 million and is now $858 million, according to Forbes Ukraine. As a result, the head of the Ukrainian state has risen in the ranking of the richest people in the country to 6th place, beating not only left the top ten of the co-owner of Metinvest, and the largest Ukrainian shipbuilding plants Vadim Novinsky, but the head of Aleksandr Yaroslavskiy’s DCH group.

Petro Poroshenko owns Roshen confectionery Corporation, which he in the beginning of 2016 passed in a “blind trust” that controls a 60% stake in a rapidly increasing assets of the International investment Bank and a beneficiary holding “Ukrprominvest-agro”. In addition, Poroshenko, according to “Forbes Ukraine”, owns several national and regional television and radio companies.

Officially your income for 2015 Poroshenko is not yet declared. In 2014, the President, according to his Declaration, earned approximately 369 million UAH, i.e. about $16 million With the main source of income Poroshenko steel dividends on its securities and the interest on the accounts — 345 million 670 thousand UAH ($14.9 million).

“Admission ticket” in the top five of the rich people of Ukraine was the presence of a billion dollars. It was the sum now evaluates to “Forbes Ukraine” the state of the owner of the agricultural holding MHP Yuriy Kosyuk. Last year its capital was reduced by $100 million, resulting in a gap between Kosyuk and Poroshenko does not look insurmountable.

The condition of the majority of the other participants of top-5 also significantly reduced: Igor Kolomoisky lost $100 million, Mr. Pinchuk — $300 million, and Rinat Akhmetov — $4.6 billion the Main reasons for reduction of capital of the richest person of Ukraine, the experts Forbes called the decline in world prices for iron ore and metal, and a drop in demand for the products controlled by Akhmetov enterprises in the country.

The total fortune of the hundred richest people of Ukraine for the year decreased by a quarter and now is “only” $20 billion According to Forbes Ukraine, a negative impact on the capital of the Ukrainian rich men had suspension of production in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine, the loss of the Russian market and the drop in world prices for metals.