Putin approved the plan of fight against corruption

The approved decree “On the National anticorruption plan for 2016-2017”, published on the Kremlin website, President Vladimir Putin instructed the heads of Federal authorities until may 15 to submit plans for countering corruption, aimed “at achieving concrete results in efforts to prevent corruption, minimize (or) eliminating consequences of corruption offences”.

On execution of these instructions, the heads of the Federal gosorganov should be accountable to the Presidium of the presidential Council on counteraction of corruption till June 10.

The Supreme court recommended that a review of judicial practice in cases of corruption, including within the framework of the public procurement act. The Supreme qualification Collegium of judges of Russia has been instructed to analyze the practice of applying to the judges of the penalties for violation of anti-corruption legislation.

Their proposals to improve compliance by judges and candidates for judges, anti-corruption law requirements, the judicial Council shall submit, by 1 February 2017.

In addition, according to the decree, the accounts chamber in the course of its inspections shall perform analysis to detect and counteracting corruption within their competence and reflect the relevant findings in their reports.

The costs of implementing the provisions of the decree will be implemented within the budget allocations, the document States.