Putin invited journalists to report on income

Published April 1, the National anti-corruption plan, which was approved by Vladimir Putin, contains several recommendations for public organizations, uniting the media workers.

Public professional associations of media personnel are recommended to place information about income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character of members of these organizations on the official websites of associations or in the media.

On the implementation of the recommendations of the trade unions is mandated to report to 1 September 2017.

In November 2015 with a proposal to disclose information about income for journalists was made by the Secretary of the General Council Sergei Neverov, speaking at a forum of local party branches.

One of the activists of the EP asked him whether or not to introduce a Declaration of assets for all Russian citizens and not only for officials and deputies. “Step by step we should go to the fact that people who are public figures may need to submit declarations,” said Neverov.

Later Neverov said that it is his personal opinion, but he considers the publication of information by public figures possible. “But this does, of course, is not even discussed today in the party that the journalists or editors mandatory today declare their income and expenses. No, of course”, — said Neverov, noting that voluntarily today something everyone could do.

The most famous Association of journalists — “the Union of journalists of Russia”, headed by Vsevolod Bogdanov. After the recent attacks on journalists in Ingushetia a group of media personnel announced the creation of an alternative “Union of journalists”, but officially it is not registered use.

Recommendation anti-corruption plan also applies to trade unions “and other employees whose professional activity is connected with public interest and attracting increased public attention.” It was with the profession, in the text of the plan is not specified.

Now the law obliges to publish information about incomes of officials, deputies, senators, governors, judges, members of the Central Bank, law enforcement officials.