Roscosmos called the first launch from the cosmodrome East

The first launch from a new cosmodrome East in the Amur region will be held in the last week of April. As reported by “RIA Novosti”, said the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov.

The exact date will be determined by the state Commission, noted Komarov. Earlier the Russian Federal space Agency said that the meeting on April 4th.

The first launch from the East originally was scheduled on 25 December last year. However, later Mosquitoes and supervising the construction of the cosmodrome Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin acknowledged that preparations for the start is delayed.

In October, President Vladimir Putin has postponed the first launch in the spring. He expressed the hope that it will be possible to cope to the cosmonautics Day, which Russia celebrates on April 12, but emphasized that the space industry invalid hectic activity, so it is necessary to complete all construction and commissioning activities.

If the holiday is not everything is ready, start to move, stressed Putin.

At the end of December the General Director of Samara rocket space center “Progress” Alexander Kirilin said that the first launch of the carrier rocket “Union” with the East is planned for April 25. However, in the Russian Federal space Agency this date is not confirmed, stressing that she “will be determined only after the end of Autonomous and complex tests.”

The spaceport will be idle for more than a year after the first run, said Executive Director of launch vehicles and ground space infrastructure Roscosmos Andrew Mazurin. In 2017 launches will not, and in 2018-m “going small amount [of launches],” he noted. Mazurin assumed that the spaceport will be up to three launches per year, “if we can expand this program”.

The head of Roscosmos said on Wednesday that in 2018-2020 the East “would be seriously loaded commercial loads” (quoted by TASS). As expected, the launch site will be conducted in eight to ten launches per year.

The spaceport in the Amur region began in 2011, construction was planned to finish on 30 November 2015. It was accompanied by complaints of workers not receiving wages, as well as criminal cases against subcontractors of the company “Dalspetsstroy”, which leads the construction site. In 2015, the damage from theft has exceeded 2 billion rubles, said the Prosecutor of the Amur region Nikolay Pilipchuk. During the year law enforcement agencies opened more than ten criminal cases about plunders of money.