Russia and Poland were able to agree on the freight up to the end of the year

After talks in Gdansk Russia and Poland signed an agreement on the exchange of permits for cargo transportation in the amount of 170 thousand pieces for each side, or until the end of 2016. About it “RIA Novosti” the head of the Russian delegation, Deputy Minister of transport of Russia Nikolay Asaul.

“We signed the Protocol and exchanged the number of permits that we are completely satisfied. Each side of 170 thousand [permits], for third countries — for 30 thousand,” — said Asaul.

He noted that the number of permits corresponds to the proportions, which operated the previous three years, and on which the Russian and the Polish side agreed earlier.

“We are completely satisfied,” — said Deputy Minister of transport.

According to him, the sharing of the new quotas will take place after he joined the new order of the Ministry of transport of Russia, which is currently under registration in Ministry of justice. It is expected that due to the order in stumbling in early April, he explained.

The current quota of 20 thousand pieces for each side up to 15 April — extended until the new order of the Ministry of transport, said Asaul.