Saudi Arabia has refused to freeze the oil without Iran

Saudi Arabia will accede to the agreement on freezing of oil production only if a similar decision will bring Iran and other major producers, said Deputy crown Prince and defense Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman in an interview with Bloomberg.

Mohammed bin Salman is the first Saudi official, officially disproved reports that Riyadh agreed to freeze oil production even in the case of Tehran’s refusal to accede to the agreement. About it in March citing a senior source in one of the OPEC countries the newspaper Financial Times.

A statement by the Saudi Minister has already responded in the Kremlin. “Preparations for the meeting [major exporters of oil]. There is no need to rush ahead, you will be judged on the results of this meeting. The work continues”, — said Friday the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Minister of energy Alexander Novak said on Friday that he had not been informed that Saudi Arabia would freeze oil production only with the consent of Iran, TASS reports. “No, not really,” said Novak on the question whether he discussed with representatives of Riyadh, the possible binding decisions on freezing of oil production by Iran’s position.

The meeting, which will discuss the issue of freezing the level of oil production, will take place in Doha on April 17. Their participation in the meeting confirmed 12 countries, announced March 31, the oil Minister of Qatar Mohammed bin Saleh al Sada. According to him, this is Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait, UAE, Venezuela, Nigeria, Algeria, Indonesia, Ecuador, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar itself.

The meeting was organized after the February in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Qatar to support prices in the market tentatively agreed to maintain oil production in 2016 at the level of January, if the agreement will be joined by other countries.