The Bank “Ugra” will check for execution of limitation on deposits

On Monday, 4 April, the Central Bank and the Deposit insurance Agency will begin checking in the Bank “Ugra”. About the upcoming test said a source in the Bank, this information was confirmed by the official representative of “Ugra” Oleg Nikishenkov. He stressed that the test routine. Nikishenkov said that one of the reasons check — “re-Bank “Yugra” from Khanty-Mansiysk to Moscow”.

However, a source close to DIA, said that the Central Bank and the Deposit insurance Agency will check the register of depositors, to understand how the Bank complied with the restraint to attract deposits. 20 March about this limitation, wrote “Vedomosti” citing a person close to the surveillance unit of the Central Bank. The Bank had undertaken self-limitation of deposits in early February, reported the edition.

Last check at the Bank ended on December 17, 2015, it was unplanned. Just last year the Bank was one of unplanned specialized test and two unscheduled theme, one of which was held in the Moscow branch of the Bank. The last scheduled inspection was completed in July 2014.

In 2015, the Bank has applied for government support through OFZs, although they didn’t get it. As said a source in the Bank “Ugra”, the issue of recapitalization should be solved before 1 April 2016, when the Bank will reveal the owners of the Bank. January 12, the Bank “Ugra” has revealed an updated list of affiliated persons, among whom was the owner of “Gorbushkin yard” Alexey Khotin (0,48% of the Bank “Ugra”). However, the recapitalization never took place. On 31 March the Chairman of the Board of the Bank Yuri Gusev said that the Bank considered it inappropriate to participate in the recapitalization program through OFZs. “Today the capital of the Bank “Ugra” is 65 billion roubles, and the Bank feels more confident on the capital adequacy ratio. The Bank is ready to further consider the proposed government options for cooperation, maintain high-level regulatory cooperation with the financial market of the country state structures”, — stated in the message Bank.

According to the analyst of National rating Agency Karina Artemieva, if the “Ugra” there is a limit on deposits, it is surprising that the Central Bank and the DIA decided to check how it is done. “Even if the test routine, the test subject Bank,” she adds.

On 19 February it became known that the Bank “Ugra” plans to list on the Moscow exchange, placing of 6.1 million ordinary and 24 thousand preferred shares, 47% of the total share capital. “The Bank’s shares are included in quotation list a third, it will happen in mid-March”, — said the President of Ugra Alexey Nefedov.

However, the IPO never took place.

Now “Yugra” took the 28th place in terms of assets. The Bank’s assets on 1 January amounted to 368,6 billion rubles, last year they grew more than doubled (the average growth rate of assets of the thirty largest banks in 2015 amounted to 25%). Credit portfolio of “Ugra” has grown in 2,5 times — with of 113.8 billion to 275,6 billion rubles, almost all loans granted to legal entities (retail loans constitute less than 1% of the portfolio).

The Bank Ponderosa mainly at the expense of the population: the portfolio of deposits of citizens for the year 2015 have grown by 136% from 66.8 billion to 158 billion rubles (about 70% of all client resources in the Bank).

According to Karina Artemieva, banks such volumes and with such a business model now a rarity — when depositors ‘ money is almost entirely invested in the projects of the companies. “Ugra” is still notable for the fact that passive base consists largely of small retail deposits, there is no such a number of wealthy depositors, as in Russia”, — says Artemiev.