The chamber in 2015 revealed violations in state procurement for 125 billion rubles.

The chamber in 2015 revealed violations in state procurement for 125 billion rubles.

Moscow. March 31. According to the accounts chamber (JV) of the Russian Federation, in 2015 the violations in public procurement has become much more suppliers and less, writes on Thursday the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“The Federal government contracts found 500 violations at 125 billion rubles after 276 violations at 39.6 billion in 2014, according to a review of the procurement of government and state-owned companies audit chamber following the results of 2015”, – said the publication, citing a copy of the document.

The newspaper notes that in the regional and municipal government contracts violations of 18 thousand by 17.5 billion rubles (in 2014 was 2 million to 7.4 billion rubles).

The purchase of state-owned companies were for violations at 620 million rubles, according to the SP, and the regional chamber has revealed infringements for a further 3.8 billion rubles.

SP was first included in the monitoring of corporate procurement, “we are ready to conclude that the high corruption risks of the law on the procurement of state-owned companies]”, transferred to the edition through the press service the Chairman of the joint venture Tatyana Golikova.

Most of the irregularities in the selection of participants – for example, customers set the requirements under “your” vendor, according to the report.

State-owned companies often do not abide by its own procurement regulations, and the provisions do not comply with the law. There are problems with creating and posting schedules, with the conclusion of additional agreements for contracts, said the newspaper.

In addition, increased procurement from a single supplier, “that is not the best influence on economy of budgetary funds”, stated in the report of the auditor JV Maxim Rohmistrova.

The Federal government contracts only supplier of 35.2% (2.9 percentage points more than in 2014), regional – 6,4% (1.6 percentage points), municipal – 14,3% (twice). The only suppliers are the leaders in the order of $ 40.4 per cent, although their share is declining (in 2014 was 48.2 per cent), but often the only provider disguises itself in “other” ways of procurement, allowed state-run companies (“other” amounted to 55,3%), say “Vedomosti”.