Turkish warplanes launched airstrikes in Northern Iraq

According to the newspaper Hurriyet, in an operation in Northern Iraq involved 12 planes striking blows to positions of fighters of the Kurdistan workers party.

Reuters said that four F-16 aircraft destroyed positions of the PKK militants in the Western region, and eight F-4 bombed targets in the region of metina. According to the Turkish Ministry of defense, the objectives of the operation were the camps of Kurdish fighters and weapons caches.

Earlier in the week Turkish forces in Northern Iraq opened fire at the positions of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). The reason was a hit on Turkish base militants launched rockets. As a result of explosion one soldier was killed, another was injured and was transported to the hospital.

The Turkish military entered Iraq on December 4. According to media reports, it is about the unit of 150-300 troops, reinforced with tanks 20-25. The troops were deployed to Northern Iraq in the area of Bashika near the city of Mosul.

Prime Minister Ahmet davuto─člu has justified the presence of a large group of Turkish military, recently stationed in Iraq, “planned rotation” associated with training. “It’s not a new camp,” but rather existed “training center established to support local volunteer force to combat terrorism,” he said.

The position of the Kurds by the Turkish army attacks in Syria. Moscow and Damascus has repeatedly accused Ankara in the attack of units of the YPG (people’s self-defense Groups) in the provinces of Aleppo and Latakia. In Turkey their actions explained the alleged ethnic cleansing that was carried out by the Kurds in the occupied territories.