USA tied the receipt of loan guarantees to Kiev with the change of government

The formation of Ukraine’s new government will open the way to Kiev to receive new loan guarantees from the United States. About it the Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden said at a meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, reports a press-service of the head of state.

According to the report, at the meeting, which was also attended by the head of the state Department of the USA John Kerry, special attention was paid to political situation in Ukraine. So, Biden welcomed the efforts Poroshenko for overcoming the government crisis.

“According to Joseph Biden, the formation of a new government focused on reforms and cooperation with the IMF opens the options for the allocation of the third tranche of credit guarantees in the amount of $1 billion dollars, and assistance from other international financial institutions,” quoted Vice President of the United States, the press service Poroshenko