Clearance at the Russian customs is paralyzed due to a failure

Because of the broken equipment in the data center to the TCF from March 31, throughout the country, you can order goods through the system of electronic Declaration. This was reported by a source in the Domodedovo customs and the source in the Central information technology customs control (CETT).

In the CETT website published a message: “In connection with the failure of the hardware and technical means of the Main data processing center of the FCS of Russia with 31.03.2016 in customs, directly subordinate FCS of Russia, there is no technical ability of customs operations involving the placement of goods under a customs procedure. Under reconstruction”.

Specialized forums on the web complain that it is impossible to file a Declaration at customs in the Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo. “We have loads to Domodedovo arrived on Thursday. Today is Saturday — fed and does not work. When it’s all over — is unknown,” writes one user. “At Domodedovo airport at 16.10 allowed to take shape on paper,” writes another.

Problems concerned customs offices “across the country”, said the source, CETT.

The reasons for the failure of the interlocutors in the customs authorities refused to name, having specified only that the experts have managed to determine the cause of the failure. Two people in the customs offices said that the rehabilitation works are in progress, but so far to start the system failed. By the evening of Saturday already several times postponed the timing of the completion of the restoration work, said the source, CETT and confirms the employee of regional customs.

31 March, on the day of failure, the head of the Main Department of information technologies of the FCS Dmitry Danilin told the conference that because of the sanctions the USA and EU custom with the end of 2014 can’t buy from the American Cisco Systems high-performance routers and switches, and the Russian or Chinese counterparts are not suitable or not good enough.

The failure is planned to eliminate 2 day of April, then the term of commissioning of the equipment was moved to the evening of 2 April, however, it still failed.
Now the completion of the renovation work and accordingly the resumption of normal operation of customs offices transferred to the morning of April 3, “about 10 a.m.”, says one of the interlocutors.

The edition “South China — Special view” writes that due to a failure, “completely paralyzed the export activities of Russian enterprises, guide their cargo to China”. According to him, this is the longest crash in the Russian customs system from 2014, when it was canceled paper documents.

From 1 January 2014 in Russia was Sweden system of obligatory customs Declaration of goods in electronic form. And now, according to the rules, customs Declaration in the country is carried out only in electronic form, “except for the cases established by the government of the Russian Federation”.

The problems began on the morning of 31 March, according to the company “Alta-Soft” company, which specializes in software development for the participants of foreign economic activity. 31 March and 1 April, the company announced on its website about “the problems at TCF equipment responsible for the transmission of data at the level of the posts of direct subordination”, and also about technical problems with the so-called electronic archives of the declarant.

In the Kaliningrad region since April 1 have been cancelled a special customs privileges, and the participants of foreign economic activities first decided that the problems arose from the new regime. On the website of the Kaliningrad regional customs stated that because of hardware failure “impossible the submission of declarations on the goods to the Kaliningrad regional customs through the electronic provision of information.” The operations duty officer of the Kaliningrad customs office said that some goods are made in manual mode, but their share is minimal, because “the majority is electronic Declaration”.