“Gazprom” doubled its profit in 2015

Net profit “Gazprom” in 2015 amounted to little more than 403,5 billion rubles, which is approximately 2.1 times higher than the result of 2014 (188,98 billion rubles), follows from the report of the company prepared in accordance with Russian accounting standards (RAS).

In the result, the underlying profit of “Gazprom” in terms of one share of the company also doubled, from 7,98 to RUB 17,05 rbl. Earlier, the Chairman of the Board of Directors “Gazprom” Victor Zubkov has declared that the company intends to maintain dividends (their size is calculated based on net profit under Russian accounting standards) at the level of 2014. Then shareholders have been paid RUB 7.2 per share, and a total of 170 billion rubles.

Revenue of Gazprom from gas sales in 2015 increased by 5.8% (to RUR 3,054 trillion) from the sale of gas condensate — by 33% (to 73.6 billion rubles), from sales of oil refinery products — by 3% (up to 212,16 billion rubles).

While the revenue of Gazprom from gas sales in Russia in 2015 decreased by 2.7% (to 915,39 bn), and revenue from sales of gas in far abroad countries rose by 12.6% (up to 1,748 trillion rubles).

In the report “Gazprom” it is also noted that in 2015, the company paid to members of the Board of Directors and the management Board in the form of salary, bonuses and remuneration for participation in management bodies of slightly more than 3,5 billion rubles, which is 12,25% more than the year before.