In Moscow ruled out the possibility of full refusal of Ukraine of Russian gas

The Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that Ukraine will not be able to completely abandon Russian gas supplies, polkko they needed to create the reserves, according to RIA Novosti. In his opinion, to talk about the loss of this market “Gazprom” there are no grounds.

“We are confident that they will buy gas, including in Russia, because for safe passage of winter it is necessary to provide in advance the reserves of natural gas,” said Novak. “Now were sufficiently flexible rates, with discounts that gave last two years and taking into account lower prices in General for oil I would not say that prices are not flexible. Ukraine just physically became to consume less gas as a result of the recession, many businesses that previously consumed gas, now do not work… This does not mean that we lost markets, we supply gas,” the Minister added.

Novak also said that the purchase will depend on the needs of Ukraine. “Now and in the summer they don’t need to import a lot of gas. Let’s see how they will develop the situation from the point of view of reserves, because the weather is still quite cold. While what they take from underground gas storage facilities”, — said the Minister.