The media learned about the U.S. plans to increase military presence in Syria

The U.S. administration is considering plans to significantly increase the number of special operations troops into Syria to achieve great success in the fight against militants of the “Islamic state” (is recognised as prohibited in Russia). It is reported Reuters citing sources familiar with the details of the proposal.

How it is proposed to increase the number of these troops, the news Agency said. However, one of them said that this figure is many times more of those about 50 soldiers who are currently in Syria, where mainly perform the role of consultants away from the front line.

This offer is one of the military options proposed by Barack Obama, which also implies the increase in the number of American troops in Iraq.

White house press Secretary refused to comment, the Agency said.

According to the source, after the Syrian opposition forces supported by the US, were able to repel the ISIS the city of al-Shadadi, an increasing number of Syrian militia wish to join the fight against ISIL militants.

Additional U.S. forces, according to Reuters, in the first instance will be directed to places that will train opposition forces, joined the fight against ISIS. Over time, they will be provided with weapons for an attack on the so-called ISIS capital city of raqqa under the cover of U.S. aircraft, says the Agency.