Erdogan has reproached Obama for criticism “behind”

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused President Barack Obama of the fact that he was “behind him” makes critical statements about press freedom in Turkey. The statement of the Turkish President had made to journalists in Washington, which hosted a summit on nuclear security, according to Turkish publication Hurriyet daily.

Last Friday Obama at the summit told journalists that concerned about the press freedom situation in Turkey. He noted that “Turkey has always been a country of deep faith walked side by side with modernity and the increasing openness”. “And this is the legacy that must be followed by [Erdogan], and not a strategy of repression and suppression of democratic debate,” Obama said. He added that it expressed Turkish counterpart these considerations.

Erdogan in turn said that such remarks by Obama in his address he had received. “I was disappointed that such statement was made behind my back. These issues during the meeting with Mr. Obama was not raised,” he said.

“No one told me about such things. In addition, in our previous telephone conversation [with Obama], we agreed that the conversation face to face is much more useful than talking through the press,” he added.

Erdogan stressed the need to distinguish between criticism and insult. According to him, in the headers of some of the Turkish Newspapers called the President a “murderer and robber”, as well as threats. “Newspapers and magazines that allow these insults still continue to print”, he said. “If it was true that in Turkey dictatorship, such publications could go to?”, – asked the Turkish leader.

“Such insults and threats are not allowed in the West,” he added. “If Obama has put these issues [of press freedom] on the agenda during our meeting, I would explain him everything”, he concluded.