Ozon.ru decided to trade in alcohol

One of the largest online retailers — Ozon.ru studying the market of distance trade goods for adults and alcohol, as well as the sales of drugs, said at a press conference CEO Danny Perekalsky, answering the question TASS Agency. The extension of range may occur in 2016, he said. The company does not believe that new product categories will be a “strong driver” for sales growth.

At the present time, distance selling of drugs and alcohol is prohibited by law, so the retailer Ozon now study various embodiments of such goods. Alcohol can be sold, for example, through the partners of the company offline: the user orders a product on the website store, and then goes to a retail store and bought takes, says Perekalsky. Thus, Ozon.ru essentially can become an online showcase for partners.

Prohibited since 2007 the online trade of alcohol in Russia can be legalized, wrote. The corresponding bill in early February submitted to the state Duma Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on ekonompolitike and entrepreneurship Viktor Zvagelsky, who had previously acted as the author of the majority of initiatives on state regulation of the alcohol market approved by the Parliament. Zvagelsky suggests to allow remote sales of alcohol, while imposing a number of restrictions: the need to obtain a separate license cost 80 thousand rubles a year and entering information about the movement of products in USAIS the ban on trade in night time and sale to people under the age of 18, etc. to Monitor online sales of alcohol should Rosalkogolregulirovanie (PAP), considers Zvagelsky. The main reason why the Chairman of the Committee proposed to lift the ban, in that it does not work.

The online trade of medicines in Russia is also prohibited. Moreover, in July 2015 entered into force the amendments to the law “On circulation of medicines” — now Federal authorities in the pretrial order to block access to sites that offer the sale remotely. Roskomnadzor, which is responsible for the observance of legislation in the Internet, already used the July amendments: for example, in October 2015, the Department found 23 violator of the rules of distance selling, including the Federal network “Rigla”.

In addition to plans to expand the range Perekalsky at the conference spoke about adjusting plans Ozon.ru development of cross-border trade. The company was going “to open a cross-border” in December 2015, but the launch had to be postponed “due to technical problems” with partners in Europe, to logistics, payments and returns, said Perekalsky. A new term — “next week”. Major commodities for cross-border sales — clothing and footwear European brands. The company is going to provide your website to the partners in exchange for a five percent Commission from each purchase, wrote in November 2015 “Kommersant”. Delivery to buyers will take two or three weeks, expects Perekalsky.

By the end of 2015 sales Ozon.ru increased by 33% to RUB 15 billion, plans for 2016 — an increase of 25%, reported Perekalsky. For two years the retailer has managed to reduce losses by 50%, therefore, in 2017, online store can turn a profit on EBITDA, he said. Monthly website Ozon.ru attracts nearly 11 million unique users. For 2015 users made 5 million purchases with an average check of 2.5 thousand rubles and bought almost 23 million products. Sales included in the Ozon units online ticket trade — Ozon Travel — by the end of 2015 increased by 23%, reaching 40 billion rubles Tourist service Ozon profitable, said Perekalsky.