Poroshenko called misinterpreted his words about the article in the NYT

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he respects the American edition of the New York Times and “the position of its editorial Board”.According to Poroshenko, his statement about the article The New York Times on corruption in the Ukrainian leadership, was misinterpreted.

“I agree, we in Ukraine have a lot to do, including overcoming corruption. The first steps have been taken,” Poroshenko said in a message posted on his page in Facebook.

The Ukrainian leader stressed that he “defended” and “defend” Ukraine “is available on all the platforms.”

The day before, commenting on the publication of The New York Times about corruption in the top leadership of Ukraine, Poroshenko said that his country is “hybrid war”.

“I would like to clearly comment on: today against Ukraine is a hybrid war, including through mechanisms for disseminating information, discrediting the Ukrainian state,” — quoted the words Poroshenko “Ukrainian truth”.

Later official representative of foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova reacted to the statements of Petro Poroshenko. She offered Kiev to demand the entry, The New York Times in the sanctions list.