Released in Nagorno-Karabakh shells fell on the territory of Iran

During the clashes on the territory of Nagorno Karabakh on the evening of April 2, three shells launched by parties to the conflict, got on the territory of Iran. On Sunday, April 3, said Deputy Governor of the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan, Saeed Shabestari Khiyabani, according to the Tasnim news Agency.

According to the Deputy Governor, the shells fell on the territory near the village of Turn-of the Hebrews on Saturday night. Among the local population, no one was hurt.

“Fortunately, other losses except for minor damage to power pylons, which led to temporary power cuts, was not followed,” said Khiyabani.

He also said that after the incident, the representatives of the Iranian border service met with official representatives of the parties involved in the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“During the meeting, both sides received serious official warning by the border guards of Iran, and promised that such incidents would not recur”, said the official, adding that Iran calls on both sides to exercise restraint.

According to him, now borders the Iranian province in security, “armed forces and border guards are ready to respond to any aggression” on the territory of Iran.