Truckers called for the resignation of Putin at the rally in Moscow

Sunday on the square Yauza gate rally truckers against the system of charging heavy vehicles for travel on Federal highways system (“Plato”). The drivers came at him without a car, as travel on lorries in the city centre is prohibited.

The action was coordinated with the authorities. According to the organizer of the rally, St. Petersburg trucker Yury Bubnov, came to the event for about 250 people.

The rally was attended by truckers from many regions, in particular, from St. Petersburg, Tula, Vologda, Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk, Ivanovo, Ryazan and Kostroma regions, and from Karelia, Mordovia and Udmurtia.

The protesters came with placards: “Platon to the dustbin, the government — in resignation”, “All best — to children… Rotenberg”, “Plato, get out”, “Stop feeding the Rotenberg”. In the crowd were seen flags of the party “Yabloko”, the unregistered Party of progress Alexei Navalny, the movement “Solidarity”, “Interregional trade Union of drivers-professionals”.

The Russian authorities have ignored the protesters ‘ demands drivers to cancel the new collection, so the President and the government should resign, said protruding truckers. This call was supported by the Chairman of trade Union of drivers-professionals Alexander Kotov.

In addition to the drivers at the rally were made by the lawyer of Fund of fight against corruption Bulk Ivan Zhdanov, head of the Moscow branch of the Party of progress Nikolai Laskin, the Deputy of the state Duma from the CPRF Vladimir Rodin, a member of the PARNASSUS Natalia Pelevin.

Besides the problem of “Plato”, the speakers recalled the activists who came under criminal prosecution for political reasons. In particular, the drivers demanded the release of the innocent, in their opinion, the Chelyabinsk trucker Alexandra Zakharova, who is serving time for murder. The trucker from the Vologda Sergey Gorodishte urged the authorities to stop criminal persecution of the Deputy of the Kursk regional Duma Olga Lee, against whom two criminal cases after her video address to President with criticism in its address.

The protesters also supported Pelevin, which was the defendant “in the case about the pen” and the heroine of the NTV investigation. April 1, NTV showed a story “Kasyanov day,” on relationship between the chair of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov and his supporters in the Democratic coalition. In particular, the channel showed a video recording made by a hidden camera, which featured a man and a woman, according to the authors of the plot, Kasyanov and Pelevin, and are hard-hitting in its criticism of the opposition leaders Ilya Yashin and Alexei Navalny. Natalia, speaking at the rally, said that the plot is “a new low” that struck the government in its actions against the opposition. However, this story, as well as the criminal case against her, on the contrary, force her to fight on, stressed Pelevin. “We need to unite,” she said, offering the drivers help.

Protesters supported Pelevin applause and was presented with a bouquet of red roses. And she suggested not to forget about the opposition the activist Ildar Dadin, who is serving a sentence for violating the law on rallies.

It is the first action of protesting truckers in the center of Moscow since the beginning of mass protest of drivers against the system “Platon” in November of last year. Previously drivers had organized rallies in other cities and organized a protest camp outside Moscow. The largest camp of protesters was formed in Khimki, near the shopping center “Mega”.

Tolls of heavy vehicles weighing more than 12 t on Federal highways was introduced in November last year. New toll collection system “Platon” has provoked widespread protests by truckers in many parts of the country.

Speaking at a press conference in December of 2015, President Vladimir Putin announced the assignment of dalnoboyshiki: he called to cancel the transport tax for trucks (and later issued the corresponding order to the government), but not tolls, the abolition of which is demanded by the protesters. The President refused to cancel and “Plato”. “All the funds that come from the so-called “Plato”, 100%, do not go to someone in your pocket, they, 100%, go to the road Fund of the Russian Federation, to the last penny. And from there go to road construction in the regions of the Russian Federation”, — said the head of state, calling not to try to use the “difficult situation in quasipolitical purposes.” According to Putin, the management of “Plato”, the company gets money for the maintenance and development of the system directly from the budget, but because the process of allocating these funds can be controlled by both the audit chamber and the public.

In February, the government decided to maintain the preferential tariff for the passage of heavy vehicles, its not polyusa 1 March, as previously planned.