Trump called normal, the possible disintegration of NATO

Speaking to voters in Wisconsin, trump criticized U.S. allies in NATO that they do not make a fair contribution to the activities of the military organization, reports the New York Times. “We protect them, provide military support and so forth, and they robbed the United States. And what are we doing? Anything”, – said the politician.

“Either they will pay all that is owed before, or get”. said trump. “If NATO will collapse, let them collapse”, – he added.

This is not the first attack trump in the direction of NATO. Last week in an interview with The New York Times the candidate of the Republican party criticized his opponent Ted Cruz, who said that the Alliance needed to fight terrorism and curb the influence of Russia. “NATO was originally created for confrontation with the USSR that no longer exists. No terrorism speech was not,” said trump.

In the same interview, the candidate from Republicans criticized U.S. policy in the far East. In his view, Japan and South Korea should develop nuclear arsenals instead to rely on the United States. On Friday, he said President Barack Obama, who said in an interview that the billionaire knows nothing about international politics and the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula. Trump responded with words that he himself don’t like the idea of the emergence of nuclear weapons in Japan. “I said that we must give them the right to protect themselves. But if it takes them a nuclear weapon, they ultimately will receive.”