Holding company in Panama offshore United Russia party, told about his business

In the publication “Novaya Gazeta” on the results of an investigation on “Panama offshore” was reported three deputies of the state Duma, members of fraction of United Russia, who registered offshore firms, including Victor Zvagelsky. Deputy Chairman of Committee on economic policy Zvagelsky, who comes from a business known as the author of numerous initiatives on state regulation of the alcohol market. Together with the Chairman of the Duma Committee on security Irina Spring introduced a bill restricting the advertising and sale of beer, low-alcohol products. Initiated resonance amendments to the law “On trade” that would tighten restrictions on commercial networks (up to second reading, the initiative is not reached).

Zvagelsky was the ultimate beneficiary of the company Bariton Consultants Ltd (BVI) at least as of 2014, according to the investigation. Delcroft And Real Estates Inc. (Panama) belongs to him since 2011, and data on liquidation of the company there, the authors say. On behalf Bariton Consultants Zvagelsky was to purchase assets in any part of the world and to open accounts.

According to the respondents the “Novaya Gazeta” experts, this activity can be attributed to business that is prohibited by the law “On status of Deputy.” In addition, since 2013, deputies and officials are prohibited from holding assets and accounts abroad, except for real estate.

Zvagelsky said that the company Bariton Consultants existed only on paper, did not conduct any economic and financial activity and ceased to exist in 2009.

“I was neither a Director nor a shareholder, to close it could not, therefore, notified on 10 December 2012 the management of the Fund in which it evolved, that are not beneficiary. Although a special need was not in it, as the company did not exist at that time”, — the Deputy told ( was able to read this letter to the Deputy).

Bariton Consultants was established at the request of the developer is from Finland, which invited Zvagelskiy to buy a land plot in the Odintsovo district, and therefore it needed was a company with a foreign jurisdiction, the MP said. But the deal, he said, did not take place.

The second company, which mentioned media — Delcroft Real Estates — has not been opened, says the MP. Nothing to do with her, he said, he has not. It was one of three names that the firm Mossack Fonseca presented to the lawyers Zvigelskaya to choose to open a new company, the MP said.

Zvagelsky sure you’ve not broken the law, and is going to sue “Novaya Gazeta”.