South Ossetia has offered an alternative to direct entry into Russia

“The referendum will be held in the near future, not in a year, and less than six months. This question we discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and came to the conclusion that it vnutriukrainskie question. This question requires a legal interpretation, and for its realization it is necessary to amend the Constitution on which the referendum will be held”, — said the head of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to him, the amendment to article 10 of the Constitution of South Ossetia will have to give the President “the right to appeal to the President of Russia with a proposal to create a single Union body, which we will pass on their powers”. Now article 10 of the South Ossetian Constitution: “the Republic of South Ossetia has the right to join the Union with other States and pass to the organs of the Union the exercise of their powers”.

Tibilov stressed that “thus, we release Russia from the political risks that could occur by direct entry”.

The proposal for the creation of a Union state is a new nuance in the rhetoric of the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov, says Alexander Skakov, senior research fellow at the Institute of Oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Russia is in no hurry to Annex South Ossetia, and Tskhinvali joining to Russia – the only idea, and therefore could arise the idea of creating the Union state, suggests Skakov. However, the expert notes that if the Treaty of Alliance, signed between Moscow and Tskhinvali, the level of integration between countries will be much higher than that of the Union state of Russia and Belarus.

At a press conference in Tskhinval Tibilov told that drafted and is undergoing internal procedures additional agreement with Russia on the implementation of the Treaty on Alliance and integration along the line of defense. In this case, said the head of the Republic, the Ministry of defense of South Ossetia will be saved, but yugoosetinsky soldiers will be taken in Russian military units.

In October 2015, the press service of the head of South Ossetia reported that the President of the Republic at a meeting with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov said of his decision “to initiate a referendum” on accession of the Republic to Russia. The next day the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said Tibilov at the meeting with Surkov was not talking about the possibility of a referendum on joining South Ossetia to Russia, but only about his desire for integration. About the Kremlin’s attitude to the possibility of the referendum, Peskov said that South Ossetia is an independent state, which “recognized by the Russian Federation, with which we have diplomatic relations”.

In March 2015 Russia South Ossetia signed a Treaty on Alliance and integration. As written , about the possibilities of joining Russia in a referendum a consolidated version of the Treaty does not say, but it envisages the creation of a common space of security and defense between the republics.