Extortion NPF “Strategy” suspected ex-partner Motylev

The incident in Novinsky passage

Last Friday, the Tver court of Moscow issued a decision to arrest three of the defendants in the criminal case of extortion in NPF “Strategy” (lost the license of the Bank of Russia on 17 March). The day before, on March 30, investigators detained several top managers of the pension Fund. As reported by TASS press Secretary of the Tverskoy district court of Moscow court Anastasia Zurko until may 16, were arrested Andrey Kulikov, Georgiy Kupreishvili and Alexander Belousov. Also at the request of investigation arrested several persons suspected of involvement in extortion against certain Oleg Saveliev. According to his statement filed in mid-February 2016 in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow, February 10, unknown persons, threatening him with a knife, demanded to give 20% stake in NPF “Strategy”. All this, according to him, occurred at the address Novinsky Boulevard, 31 (cafe “Tomorrow” in the building Novinsky passage). After that, as reported Saveliev, the attackers “open” abducted from his apartment $7 thousand Total amount of damages the victim is estimated at 835 million rubles, noting that “these individuals” require him another $200 thousand According to investigators, the damage is significantly lower – to 126.6 million rubles, and consists of 110.4 thousand shares NPF “Strategy”, which is Saveliev, allegedly gave the attackers

Andrey Kulikov, who was among the detainees, is a former partner in the pension business Anatoly Motylev, said a former top Manager of one of the funds Motylev. This information was confirmed by another ex-employee of the group Motylev. That Kulikov from December 2015 worked at the Foundation for the Strategy, told his friend. “At the end of the year, Andrew called me and told me that he was preparing some sort of a deal. However, he said that he worked in NPF “Strategy”, he said. According to the interlocutor, Kulikov was among the Fund’s shareholders with a share of about 20%.

According to the information given on the site NPF “Strategy”, in Kulikov shareholders no. Sole shareholder of the Fund is OJSC “management company “Strategy” with ownership interests of 75% + 1 share of the authorized capital. The CEO of the pension Fund Peter Pjankov, which is a consequence of the previously detained on suspicion in theft of 2 billion rubles from the Fund. Other shareholders of the Fund does not provide. Director UK “strategy” is also Pyankov.

The reporter could not contact with Kulikov last Friday, his mobile is not available.

According to the investigation, according to the statement Savelieva against a group of unknown persons criminal case under item 163 of the criminal code part 3. of “b” (“Extortion committed by an organized group in order to obtain property in especially large size). If involvement in the crime. detainees will be found guilty, they face maximum terms ranging from 7 to 15 years.

The lawyer Kirsanov Valery Kulikov has refused comments, having referred to that in relation to her client under investigations. Managing partner at BMS Law Firm (the law firm protects the interests of other detainees) Alim Bishenov claims that this whole story is very questionable. According to him, at the moment, the result establishes the fact of involvement in the activities of the Fund “Strategy” the rest of the detainees: in a criminal case, in addition to shareholders and employees of the Fund, involves other persons right to associate with the activities of the Fund currently is not possible — this, in particular, the notary and his assistant.

According to the lawyer, now the suspects are in a temporary detention center of GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, the consequence tries to establish their involvement in the extortion.

Mark Motylev

Earlier, Kulikov was a shareholder and member of boards of Directors of NPF “the Sun.Life.Pension”, NPF “Sberfond Sunny beach” and NPF “Uraloboronnedra”. All three funds included in the financial group Motylev. In July 2015, the Central Bank revoked the licenses of banks motyleva, and in August — all his pension funds. According to Bank of Russia, funds violated the rights of insured persons, investing their funds in illiquid assets — mortgage participation certificates and illiquid bonds, and also transferred pension savings of those who chose another NPF, a new insurer. The funds Motylev was about 60 billion rubles of pension savings and reserves over a million citizens. Of them, according to the regulator, investment in illiquid assets was 35.6 bn In September Motylev left Russia.

The Central Bank had own funds to compensate for the loss of future retirees, returning to the FIU about 39 billion rubles of pension savings. In September, the regulator had cancelled qualification certificates of a number of Fund managers Motylev, Andrei Kulikov, however, lost confidence among the Bank’s top managers was not. In early March of 2016, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources reported that Kulikov is interested in buying the NPF, but Kulikov did not confirm this information. “I have no talks to buy SPC and led the interest in such a transaction does not have,” he said.

Top managers of the two existing pension funds said that he spoke with Kulikov in December 2015, and he was interested in buying a small funds. “But no concrete proposals. He said he was acting in the interests of some investors who inters investments in the pension business,” said one top Manager.

On 17 March, the Bank of Russia revoked the license of NPF “Strategy”. The regulator said that the pension Fund has violated the requirements of the law “About nonstate pension funds” and the requirements for the distribution, provision or disclosure of information stipulated by Federal laws. The Central Bank also announced that established the fact of manipulating market shares of the REIT with “Native open spaces”, as well as bonds of LLC “Rotor”, “Kharkiv”, “STP” trades on the MICEX stock exchange in the period from January 2013 to April 2015. These actions were committed for the purpose of artificial increase of the value of the assets on the balance sheet of the NPF, and “evidence of intention to mislead investors and the regulator regarding the prices and liquidity of shares and bonds to achieve NPF “Strategy” of statutory requirements by placing management companies of pension reserves and investment of pension savings NPF “Strategy” in shares and bonds”.

On October 1, 2015, the assets of NPF “Strategy” amounted to 6.9 billion rubles, of which pension savings — RUB 4.1 billion of His clients were 78,2 thousand insured persons, participants of 68.7 thousand people. NPF “Strategy” was not included in the guarantee system of pensions.