Family Messi said “irreparable harm” from “the Panama document”

Family Argentine footballer, striker of FC “Barcelona” Lionel Messi said that he never had financial relations with Panama Mossack Fonseca about what eve told the international consortium of journalistic investigations (ICIJ). Excerpts from the statement leads the Agency EFE.

“Lionel Messi did not perform any of those actions mentioned in the message [of the consortium]”, — reads the statement of the family Messi. The accusations that the player has created a network of money laundering, it called “false and defamatory”.

Investigative journalism ICIJ, which was attended by more than 370 journalists from 76 countries, was published on 3 April. It featured dozens of world leaders, politicians and celebrities, including Barcelona forward.

According to the published data, Lionel Messi and his father Jorge Horacio Messi belongs to a Panamanian offshore company Mega Star Enterprises, and conducting its workflow were transferred to Mossack Fonseca’s third offshore organization agent. The ethics Committee of FIFA said that it had begun a preliminary study shown in the investigation data.

Relatives Messi said that Mega Star “does not conduct absolutely no activities,” and she’s never had “neither money, nor opened accounts”. This company, according to the family of the football player remained from the “old patterns created by previous tax advisors family Messi, and all relevant financial questions were addressed in a timely manner”.

In a statement, Messi is also noted that all the accusation is based “on simple guesses based on the sample information using the name of a football player”.

Family Messi believes that “criminal charges” in relations with offshore companies player cause “irreparable harm”, so she appealed to the lawyers to analyze the possible use of legal action in court against the published information.

In Spain, Lionel Messi is accused of tax evasion amounting to about $6.5 million by disguising their image rights into offshore network. The player has already paid to the state debt in the period 2007-2009 and may 31 must once again stand trial. He rejects the charges against him.