Iceland’s Prime Minister resigned after the scandal with the offshore company

Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson resigned, informs bi-Bi-si. The Prime Minister said Sigurdur Inga Johanson, one of the leaders supported the Prime Minister’s Progressive party, according to The party has already invited for the post of Prime Minister candidature of Sigurdur Inga Johansson.

The decision to resign, the Prime Minister took two days after the publication of the ICIJ investigation, which claimed that in 2007 Gunnlaugsson purchased the company Wintris in the British virgin Islands, which later became one of the creditors of the bankrupt Icelandic banks. Companion in buying Wintris became the wife of the Outpost — Anna Palsdottir.

Earlier today the Prime Minister addressed the President with a proposal for the dissolution of Parliament, but the President did not support this decision, citing the fact that he needed to consult with the leaders of other parties.

Gunnlaugsson has previously claimed that will resign, if it will cease to support the party led by him.