Italy has given the accused in the theft of 1 billion rubles. the former head of Rosgranitsa

Italian authorities gave Russia the former head of Rosgranitsa Dmitry Bezdelov, which law enforcement agencies were charged with the theft of more than 1 billion rubles, reports TASS.

The official representative of the Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Kurennoy said that on Tuesday, April 5, Bezdelov accompanied by employees FSIN and the Russian Bureau of Interpol will be extradited to Russia.

Previously Bezdelov’s lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov said that the Italian Supreme court rejected the complaint of lawyers and agreed with his extradition to Russia.

Investigative authorities believe that the Bezdelov has committed a major theft of funds allocated for the development of the target program “Development of the state border of the Russian Federation for 2003-2011”. In October 2013 he own request was relieved from the post of the head of Rosgranitsa, which was from 2008. The decision on his resignation was taken personally by Dmitry Medvedev, and the dismissal Bezdelov was preceded by the arrest of a group of his subordinates on suspicion of embezzlement of budgetary funds.

Bezdelov is suspected of embezzling almost 1 billion rubles, the Money was allocated from the budget for the construction of a border crossing on the border with Abkhazia. The Federal investigation Bezdelov was announced in April 2014. The former official was arrested by Italian police in Rome’s prestigious hotel in October 2014 at the request of the Russian side.

Italian prosecutors supported the request by Russia for extradition Bezdelov in September 2015. While his defense insisted that in case of extradition Bezdelov threatened by “the inhuman conditions of detention in Russian prisons” and in mortal danger, because Russia has increasingly raised the issue of the imposition of the death penalty.