Journalists revealed offshore schemes of the family Le Pen

New evidence

Complaints against the former President of the French nationalist party “national front” Jean-Mari Le Foam in the police has raised in the last year. Then the national financial Prosecutor’s office opened in June 2015 criminal case on suspicion of tax evasion. Defendants began himself as Le Pen and his wife Janine. Agent Le pen, suspected militiamen, was his former Butler Gerald Gérane. It is this name was registered in the British virgin Islands offshore Balerton Marketing Limited.

Posted on Sunday the investigation of the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) based on 11.5 million documents obtained from a source in Panamanian law company Mossack Fonseca, confirms the existence of the offshore company and revealed details of deals. Details leads the newspaper Le Monde, became a party to the investigation.

According to Mossack Fonseca, originally created in 2000, offshore was registered in the name of George Pasha, brother of Jany Le Pen, but after his death eight years ago, his nominal owner is Gérane. For replenishment of used offshore Bank account in one of banks in Guernsey and the company the company was made by the Swiss company Figest Conseil SA, specializing in offshore jurisdictions. In 2013, the support of activities Balerton Marketing Limited was transferred to another law firm of a similar specialization – Icaza Gonzalez – Ruiz & Aleman, according to Le Monde. At the time of transfer Affairs in the disposal of offshore funds was for a total amount of €2.2 million, including cash and gold ingots and investment coins.

Jean-Marie and Janine Le Foam, came to the conclusion last year, investigators of the intelligence and combating clandestine financial circuits of Finance of France, were the ultimate beneficiaries of the offshore. Last year a retired politician and his friend denied that Gérane acted in the interests of the holder. With the internal revenue service Gérane initiated the settlement of claims, stating that the transaction Balerton Marketing Limited until 2008 he was not known, and his ownership of the company passed at the behest of brother-in-law Le pen gratis

Money close

New claims against Le Foam is unlikely to affect the political positions of his daughter, the current leader of the “National front” marine Le Pen – the two politicians have long been at loggerheads, the founder of the nationalist party was excluded from it in August last year. Disclosure of information about offshore property, frédéric châtillon, and Nicolas Crochet, the entourage of marine Le Pen, may damage her more. Both are from last year under investigation on suspicion of electoral fraud with funds of the “National front” in the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2012.

From documents Mossack Fonseca, the Chatillon, a childhood friend of Le Pen and her closest confidant, and Advisor to Le Pen’s Crochet was created a convoluted scheme involving offshore shell companies registered in Hong Kong, Singapore, British virgin Islands and Panama. They have all been used for withdrawal of funds from France to the payment of taxes, the investigation ICIJ and Le Monde. The publication cites an example of one such chain: in 2012, the controlled company Riwal Chatillon were bred in a registered one of his friends in Singapore company €316 thousand Funds were transferred through close to the “National front” company Unanime in France Time Dragon company (Hong Kong) owned by other offshore companies in the British virgin Islands Asia Limited Harson. In Singapore money came from accounts already Harson. To ensure the legality of transactions at the first stage used a false invoice Hong Kong Ever Harvest belonging to the Crochet brother to Sebastian, the money was allegedly transferred Unanime France in the payment to the developers of the site of the election of the Association Le Pen.

Chatillon in an interview with Le Monde explained the transfer of money: “in the Autumn of 2012, the shareholders Unanime and I decided to invest in Asia, as the region offered the highest return on investment. In addition, we wanted to avoid constant media attention, peculiar to France.” What funds were used for shadow financing of election campaigns, he denies.

“National front” in the communique on Monday said that he will not allow the press “is a scandal to interfere with a bunch of all the facts”, indicating that it has no relation to the investigation of “the Panama document”.