Moscow responded to Obama accused of stalling on nuclear disarmament

The Russian foreign Ministry officially replied to the accusations in the Moscow of delaying the process of nuclear disarmament and reluctance to disarm. Previously these statements during the nuclear security summit in Washington made U.S. President Barack Obama. The text of the answer of the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, posted on the Agency’s website.

It says that in connection with events in Crimea and Ukraine, U.S. “froze all the working channels of communication with the Russian side, turning the work of the joint presidential Commission and ceasing bilateral contacts in the military”.

“Relations between our countries deteriorated sharply because of deliberate destructive actions of the U.S. under the pretext of “Russian aggression”. And all this is accompanied by increased anti-Russian rhetoric”, — the document says.

Nevertheless, Russia, wrote Zakharova, ready to engage with US “in a substantive discussion on strategic Affairs”. “A full discussion will be possible only if Washington will be guided by the fundamental principles of equality, mutual consideration of interest and of undiminished security of other States. While we don’t see,” said Zakharova.

The response also listed the negative aspects of the “military-strategic nature” that interfere with the disarmament talks. Among them called the ongoing deployment of the U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe, military preparations of the Pentagon near the Russian border, and that “deterring Russian aggression” is called the first priority in the updated strategy of the European command of the USA.

“Besides the current US administration launched the most large-scale modernization of the U.S. nuclear Arsenal since the end of the cold war. The estimated expenditure for these purposes in the next 10 years will be about 350 billion dollars, and in 30 years will exceed a trillion”, — said in response.

The document also noted that after the execution of this Agreement opportunities for bilateral reductions in the nuclear arsenals of Russia and the USA will be exhausted. It is therefore imperative that the disarmament process was expanded to include other countries with nuclear weapons capability, said the foreign Ministry.

“We regret to state that the lack of progress on nuclear disarmament is the result of destructive and even openly hostile to the line of the Obama administration towards Russia”, — concluded the foreign Ministry spokesman.

Speaking at a press conference following the nuclear security summit in Washington, President Barack Obama said that Russia doesn’t agree to the continuation of the nuclear disarmament process. “After we finalized the agreement, “Start-2″ (Russian-American Treaty on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms — the new start Treaty. — ) we turned to the Russians with a proposal to consider the next phase of arms reduction”, — he said.

However, said the American President, because the election of Vladimir Putin as President in 2012, and “its emphasis on military power and not for development in Russia” until he sees the progress I hoped for.

The nuclear security summit was held in Washington from 31 March to 1 April. Russia refused to participate in it. In the Kremlin the refusal of the Russian President from attending the summit explained “by a lack of interaction during preliminary study of the issues and themes of the summit”.