Partner Roldugin could earn on the “Putinka” at least 200 million rubles a year

Partner Roldugin could earn on the “Putinka” at least 200 million rubles a year

20 million litres, “Putinki”

By results of period from January to November 2015 famous vodka brand “Putinka” has managed not only to keep its market share, but even to increase this indicator by 0.2 percentage points, to 2.2%, from the presentation of a major beverage company, made on the basis of monitoring of retail sales of Nielsen. For the year, from the presentation, in terms of sales for the year “Putinka” has taken the seventh place among the Russian vodka brands and the fourth largest in its price category “Standard” (270-310 rubles per half-liter bottle). The company Nielsen on Monday, could not comment on the data. The correctness of the data about market share “of Putinki” Stanislav Kaufman has confirmed that brand Director East-the European distribution company (the former distributor of “Putinki”) until December 2015: “last year, in some months the share of the brand rose to 2.5%, but the average for year its sales have really grown by 2.2 per cent”.

Retail sales of vodka in Russia in 2015, according to Rosstat, amounted to L. 862,8 million Based on market share “of Putinki” last year we sold about 19 million liters of vodka under this brand.

The owner of the trademark “Putinka”, “Putinka Rover” and some other with the same word in the title is Moscow company “real-invest”. As follows from the data of Rospatent, the company became the owner “Putinki” 16 September 2014. Prior to that, the owner of the brand was made by another company from Moscow — the company “Promimpex”.

The business of the copyright holder is granting the right to use the brand companies in the industry that the trademark owner receives royalties. The size of this payment are specified in the license agreement, the standard costs for such a service there, said a top Manager of a major manufacturer of vodka. “This information is commercially confidential and not disclosed by the companies, — the interlocutor says. Is sometimes prescribed a fixed amount per year, sometimes referred to as the owner has to get with each bottle sold, but it is believed that earn $ 5 with bottle 0.5 l is a good, working version”. According to the interlocutor, in the case of such brand, as “Putinka”, the royalties can reach up to 8-10 rubles a bottle. If this assessment is fair, with sales of 19 million litres, “Putinki” in 2015, “real-invest” could earn from 304 million to 380 million rubles, If we consider the lower boundary, then the total amount of payments in 2015 amounted to no less than 190 million rubles.

Who owns the sign

According to SPARC, the owner of the company “real-invest” is a Cyprus Ermira Consultants Limited (66.7%) and OOO “Stick” (33.3 per cent). Data from the Cyprus Registrar of companies should be that 100% of Ermira Consultants Limited owns Vladislav Kopylov. People with the same name and surname registered at the same address in St. Petersburg indicated in the Cyprus register, is the co-founder of non-commercial partnership “Supporting of children’s sport”. The second founder of this partnership is a minority shareholder of Rossiya Bank and a close friend of President Vladimir Putin musician Sergei Roldugin — one of the defendants released on Sunday investigation of the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ), associated with disclosure about the use of offshore companies a high-ranking Russian officials and their families.

Kopylov in November 2015 in an interview with claimed to not know of the existence of Ermira Consultants Limited, and first hears about his share in it. To call “real-invest” and NGO “Support of children’s sports” on Monday failed.

Kopylov worked with Roldugina in several commercial projects, according to the data SPARK. From November 2005 to the partners in equal shares belonged to the company “Surf”, and from November 2009 to November 2012 they were the co-founders of the company “Wave”. Using “Wave” and “Surf” Kopylov and Roldugin, allegedly, controlled the activities of the Baltic media group, which included “Radio Baltika”, TV channel “100 TV” (Life 78 now), the newspaper “Neva time”, “Shift”, “Evening Petersburg” the Baltic news Agency. In addition, the “Surf” is still listed as the founder of the nonprofit organization “Fund of development and support of mass media”. According to SPARK, this Fund belongs to 10.8% in the football club “Zenit”.

As “Putinka” is associated with Rotenberg

To Kopylova owner Ermira was Dmitry Kalantyrsky, the shareholder and former Chairman of the Board of SMP Bank controlled by brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg. In the annual report of SMP Bank for the year 2013 in the list of transactions approved by the Board of Directors as interested-party transactions, the company referred to as “Stick” and “Ermira consultants limited”. According to the document SMP Bank gave a loan to LLC “Stick” and Ermira Consultants Limited became a guarantor for the loan and presented the promissory notes pledged as collateral.

Communication companies “real-invest” and “Stick” with SMP Bank indicates another fact. Company registered at the same address in Moscow Sadovnicheskaya, 71. This is the territory of the former research Institute of the fur industry. Here is the head office of SMP Bank and registered other companies affiliated with the Rotenberg.

Who sells “Putinka”

Wholesale sales “Putinki” and the placement of orders on production of this brand was engaged in the company associated with close friend Arkady Rotenberg, a billionaire Vasily Anisimov. Until the end of December 2015, exclusive distributor “of Putinki” was the East European distribution company (UEDC), Anisimov founded in 2009. In November 2015 it was announced that the distribution of “Putinki” transferred company “Status groups”, which became last year the largest dealer of vodka with a market share of 18%. Owner “Status-group”, is registered to an offshore company, not disclosed, however it is also associated with Vasily Anisimov, was indicated earlier .

Vasily Anisimov in conversations with several times denied involvement in the business in the sale of vodka, however, found this fact confirmed in the database of Rospatent. March 11, in the section “Notice” on the Agency’s website was published information on changes in the conditions of the previously concluded contract between the “real-invest” and some company “Alkomir”. According to Rospatent, the license agreement for the use of the brand “Putinka” between “real-invest” and “Alkomir” was signed on September 5, 2014; however, information in the registry of registered trademarks on the website of Rospatent are not available.

The founder of “Alkomir”, according to SPARK, in 2014 the Cyprus acted Coalco Real Estate Investments Limited, parent company of developer Coalco group of businessman Vasily Anisimov. The General Director of “Alkomir” is CEO of “Coalco development” Olga Dmitrieva, and the company’s registered address: Lesnaya, 3, where is the Central office Coalco.