Prime Minister of Iceland after the scandal with the offshore company has offered to dissolve Parliament

After the Icelandic opposition made to Parliament the question of confidence in the government, Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson has appealed to the President Ragnar Grimsson with a proposal for the dissolution of Parliament and new elections, Reuters reports.

President Grimsson in response to the demand of the Prime Minister has said he wants to consult with leaders of other parties before making the decision to declare early elections.

As noted by The Independent, Gunnlaugsson has promised to disband the ruling coalition, if he loses the trust of its partners after the offshore scandal. The Prime Minister became one of the participants of the investigation international vision of the consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) on offshore companies. ICIJ has learned that in 2007 Gunnlaugsson purchased the company Wintris in the British virgin Islands, which later became one of the creditors of the bankrupt Icelandic banks. Companion in buying Wintris became the wife of the Outpost — Anna Palsdottir.

On the morning of 5 April, the Prime Minister held talks with the Minister of Finance and leader of the ruling independence Party Bjarni Benediktsson, according to Reuters.

“I discussed with the head of the independence Party that if the party’s deputies not to support the government, said Gunnlaugsson. — I would have dissolved Parliament and appointed new elections as soon as possible”.

“I am proud of my work in politics and are not afraid to put yourself on the voters, no matter now or later,” he added.

Gunnlaugsson also stated that “proud of” his wife and “the sacrifice that she has always shown”.

In less than a day after the publication of the ICIJ investigation about 20 thousand people (the population is about 320 thousand people) signed the petition for the resignation of the Prime Minister, on Monday thousands of protesters gathered in front of Parliament. According to Reuters, on Tuesday also scheduled another protest action.