The government had postponed the change of insurance contributions from wages

The government had postponed the change of insurance contributions from wages

Despite ambitious plans for restructuring the system of social transfers, the authorities have decided not to change the existing configuration — three insurance contribution at the General rate of 30% with thresholds for payments have found .

On Monday, 4 April, the government Commission on legislative activities endorsed the “in General” a package of bills of the Ministry of Finance concerning the transfer of administration of insurance payments in the Federal tax service. From the documents that it is proposed to retain three of the payment, but to include them in the list of Federal taxes and fees Tax code. The total rate of insurance contributions to 30% to be retained, said two sources familiar with the debate. On Monday evening, after the end of the day, the press service of the Ministry of Finance on the request is not answered.

The bill proposes to leave unchanged the rates for calculation of insurance contributions to extra-budgetary funds: now it is 22% to the Pension Fund (and in excess of the employee’s income certain threshold cumulative sum from the beginning of the year — 10% with excess), 5.1% in the compulsory medical insurance Fund and 2.9% to the social insurance Fund.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Finance as part of the reform could offer lower overall rates to 28%, if you cancel threshold value. For contributions to the pension Fund, the limit value is now 796 thousand rubles; for FSS — 718 thousand rubles, and when it exceeds the employer ceases to make contributions to the Fund.

However, the point in the issue of social payments is not yet set. A source in the government Commission on legislative activities said that the bill was “basically approved” and will be further developed. Another interviewee recognized that the discussion of these projects at the meeting of the legal Commission “was hot”. A number of participants opposed the introduction of a single insurance payment, recalled the experience of the introduction of the unified social tax, said one of the participants of the meeting.

The head of RSPP Alexander Shokhin 4 April in the state Duma said that the Finance Ministry introduced a bill about insurance contributions to the government classified as “for official use”. Two sources in business organizations argue that, in General, the discussion of draft laws on transfer of administration of insurance payments in the Federal tax service is held “in violation” of procedures. The bills, according to interviewees , fall under two procedures mandatory public examination — carrying out of regulatory impact assessment and consideration at a meeting of the Russian tripartite Commission on regulation socially-labour relations (RTK). None of these procedures was not conducted. At the meeting of the RTC working group March 28, was submitted only a draft “road map” on creation of the mechanism of administration of insurance premiums, no bills, says one of the interlocutors.

Membership of the FTS of the functions of administration of insurance contributions became possible after President Vladimir Putin on the results of the message to the Federal Assembly instructed to prepare such a transfer until may 1, 2016. FNS has prepared a “road map”, which involves a transition from 1 January 2017 on the Unified social insurance collection (ESSS) instead of the existing three social security payments.

In fact, in the debate on a new model of insurance premiums, officials are discussing the return of the unified social tax (UST). At the Russian business Week in late March, Deputy Minister of economic development Stanislav Voskresensky confirmed that the government is discussing the return of the unified social tax, and also discusses the abolition of the thresholds on contributions.

At the Ministry of labour were alternative proposals, which were supported by the social block of the government, said the Federal official. The labour Ministry has proposed to keep the existing system of three contributions to each extra-budgetary funds and not to change the size of their total bet is 30%. But gradually increase the threshold at which the amount of the contribution decreases.