The Kremlin talked about struck the West “the Bacillus of putinopoly”

The main purpose of disclosures associated with international investigation into offshore is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, told reporters his spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to him, West was struck by “the Bacillus of putinomania”.

“Yesterday we said that there is a lot of information about representatives of other departments and related heads of States and governments of other countries. Hardly anyone can dispute the fact that world media has inexplicably focused on our country and our President. This Bacillus of putinopoly that struck the Western community,” said the spokesman.

“Amazing, but the obvious fact is that if we understand correctly, in the array of stolen documents Putin is not mentioned, no mention of Putin”, — said Peskov said, adding that offshore accounts are legal phenomenon. “As you know, offshore accounts are not prohibited, but Putin? There’s incompetence, there is just a lie,” he concluded.