The media reported the death of seventh Russian military in Syria

In Syria killed a Russian soldier, special forces officer, Vadym Tumakov, reports the portal of the Orenburg with reference to the statement of the relatives Chumakova whose names the publication does not mention. According to the information portal, Chumakova body was delivered to his home in the village of Pokrovka the Sol-Iletsk district of Orenburg region.

Details of the death of the soldier and the exact date of his death, the publication also informs.

“He served under the contract. The trip had been long. But our questions Vadim tried to leave. Never shared where he was and what he had seen. Kind, strong, responsive. A real Russian Bogatyr. Details of the death are unknown to us” — quotes words relatives Chumakova.

Orenburg portal RIA56 with reference to “own source in Sol-Iletsk” also reported that the body Chumakova was brought into the area a week and a half ago. After a few days the funeral took place.

Relatives of the officer said I don’t know the date of death Chumakova, I know “only that died around the same fateful day that Alexander Prokhorenko (Russian special forces officer, about the death in Syria of the Ministry of defense announced 24 March)”.

The district administration did not comment on RIA56 information about the death Chumakova. In the regional military Commissariat information on the death of Chumakova in Syria is not confirmed.

Official reports of the Ministry of defence regarding the death of the seventh of a Russian soldier in Syria were reported.

Previously officially reported the death of six Russian soldiers during the Syrian operations. A month after the start of the operation 19-year-old soldier Vadim Kostenko, according to official information, killed himself. On 24 November killed the pilot of the su-24 bomber Oleg Peshkov. During the rescue of the pilot of the su-24 was lost marine Alexander Pozynich. In February in Syria killed a Russian military adviser Ivan Cheremisin. Later the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed to Reuters that during the ceremony of awarding the participants of the Syrian operations in the Kremlin on March 17, acknowledged the death of one Russian soldier, Fedor Zhuravlev. On 24 March, the representative of the Russian sites Hamim reported that Russian special forces officer was killed in the area of Palmyra, “calling the fire”. Orenburg, the media reported that the name of the deceased officer — Alexander Prokhorenko. Later on the website of the Governor of the region, it was reported that in the Orenburg in memory of officer Alexander Prokhorenko, who died in Syria, called the street.

Previously wrote about one Russian serviceman, an ex-colleague who claimed that he was killed in Syria. The veteran of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs Serhiy Chupov was buried in Balashikha in February of this year. managed to track down his former colleague, who knew Chupov in the first Chechen campaign. He said that a few weeks ago called him a “Colonel Alexei Kosmachev” and invited to the funeral Chupov (they took place on February 18), saying that, according to him, was killed in Syria during a mortar attack. According to him, the Structure was part of the Russian military group in Syria. Chupov’s widow Svetlana has confirmed the death of a spouse. But, answering specifying question, is it true that he died in Syria, said that “wrong information about the place where he died”. She refused to discuss the details of the death of her husband and recommended to send a request to the archive of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

In the Main military Prosecutor’s office and the Main military investigatory management SKR has not responded to the inquiry about whether the death of Chupov and whether they have been tested in this regard. In the defense and interior ministries did not reply to requests . “We do not know”, — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.